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Best 0% balance transfer deals disappearing

Interest-free periods shrinking and balance transfer fees creeping up

Best 0% balance transfer deals disappearing

A raft of market-leading 0% balance transfer credit card deals have been withdrawn from the market or had their balance transfer fees hiked in the last week.

Barclaycard is the latest provider to make a change, reducing the 0% period on its balance transfer card from 36 months with a 1.85% fee to 35 months with a 1.35% fee.

Which? looks at what this means for those with credit card debt, and explores the best 0% balance transfer credit card deals still available.

Best 0% balance transfer deals shrinking

A 0% balance transfer credit card allows you to shift existing credit card debt and freeze the interest rate for a set time, typically for a one-off fee.

When looking for a good 0% balance transfer deal, you should consider the length of the no-interest period and the size of the transfer fee.

However, the length of 0% deals has fallen off a cliff since this time last year, as the table below shows.

  Longest-lasting 0% balance credit card deal
Mar-08 Virgin Money – 0% for 15 months
Mar-13 Barclaycard – 0% for 25 months
Mar-16 Halifax – 0% for 40 months
Mar-17 Halifax – 0% for 43 months
Today MBNA – 0% for 36 months

Source: Moneyfacts.co.uk

The longest-lasting 0% balance transfer deal on the market today offers 36 months to freeze debt – 10 months less than this time last year, when borrowers could get a deal for a whopping 43 months.

Why is the length of a 0% balance transfer deal important?

A longer-lasting 0% balance transfer deal means you have more time to pay off what you owe, so you can split your debt into more affordable repayments each month.

With a £4,000 debt, for example, a 43-month card would allow you pay back around £93 a month. But you would need to pay back £111.11 in order to clear the same debt with a 36-month deal.

Find out more about how balance transfer deals work in our best 0% balance transfer credit cards guide.

The best deals to snap up now

Deals are disappearing fast from the market – so, if you’re carrying a credit card debt, you should consider your options now.

Here are the longest-lasting 0% balance transfer deals on the market right now.

Length of balance transfer 0% period Balance transfer fee Cost of moving £2,000 Representative APR
MBNA Platinum Credit Card 36 months 2.49% £49.80 19.9%
Lloyds Bank Platinum 36-Month Balance Transfer Credit Card 36 months 3% £60 19.9%
Barclaycard Platinum 35-Month Balance Transfer Credit Card 35 months 1.35% £27 19.9%

Source: Which? Money Compare

Alternatively, if you are after a cheaper deal, here are the best fee-free balance transfer credit cards available right now.

  0% balance transfer period Balance transfer fee Cost of moving £2,000 Representative APR
Santander All in One Credit Card1 30 months 0% £0 21.7%
Sainsbury’s Bank No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card 28 months 0% £0 18.9%
Santander Everyday Credit card 27 months 0% £0 18.9%

1 £3 monthly fee
Source: Which? Money Compare

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