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New Pure Move personal radios: our first impressions revealed

We try out one of the most modern-looking personal radios we’ve seen, plus an extremely versatile pocket-sized model

New Pure Move personal radios: our first impressions revealed

Pure’s Move personal radio range is intended for the great outdoors, and the brand has given it a refresh with the Move R3 and Move T4. We got our hands on them to try them out for ourselves.

They share a beautifully modern design, with bright, clear screens and high build quality to match, plus speedy and responsive menu navigation. Both also have a handy lock switch you can use to prevent accidental button presses while the radio is in your pocket, and Pure advertises them with a three-year warranty. They have equalisers included so you can adjust the sound profile to your taste.

The Move R3 is the first personal radio we’ve tried in a long time, with a highly compact design that will easily fit in your pocket. As with all personal radios, the supplied wired earbud-style headphones double as the radio’s aerial.

The Move T4, on the other hand, is styled more like a traditional radio, with a front-facing speaker. It has a headphone socket so you can use it like a personal radio as well. While larger than the Move R3, it’s still compact enough to fit into all but the smallest pockets, and its light and portable design makes it highly versatile for taking out and about with you.

You can find out more about each of these stylish new radios below, and read our full first impressions by clicking on the links to our first look reviews.

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Pure Move R3

The Pure Move R3 is a little DAB+/FM personal radio that’s a bit longer and thinner than your palm, designed for private listening to your favourite radio stations while travelling. It has a modern glass OLED screen that’s easy to read from any angle.

The supplied headphones are of the earbud style, similar to Apple’s EarPods. The radio can store up to 10 DAB and 10 FM radio stations for easy access to your favourites, with direct-access buttons for your top two favourites. Pure claims the built-in rechargeable battery lasts for 15 hours, despite the bright screen.

Is this the model to take personal radios into the modern age? Find out what we thought in our Pure Move R3 first look review.

Pure Move T4

If you’d love the flexibility of a pocket portable radio that seemingly suits every occasion, the Pure Move T4 could be the one for you. You can use it as a conveniently compact DAB+/FM radio to take on your travels, with the option of listening with headphones (not included) through its headphone socket. It’s also loud enough to be your main radio, with the added benefit of it taking up a fraction of the space of a traditional tabletop model.

Unlike the Pure Move R3, it has a telescropic aerial that you can extend when using it in your kitchen. There’s a stunning colour 2-inch glass LCD screen, plus a light sensor to automatically dim the screen for comfortable viewing in the dark.

As it has Bluetooth support, you can even use it as a wireless speaker to play music stored on your devices, such as your smartphone or tablet.

As with the Move R3, you can store 10 DAB and 10 FM radio station presets, but The T4 has an extra direct-access button, taking the total to three. It also has the same claimed battery life of 15 hours, although this extends to 22 hours if you’re listening through headphones rather than the speaker, and even more if you use the power-saver mode.

The Pure Move T4 is an impressively robust package. Read our initial impressions in our Pure Move T4 first look review.

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