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How to resolve five common Easter weekend consumer complaints

Easter weekend didn't go to plan? Complain and claim back what you're owed

How to resolve five common Easter weekend consumer complaints

If more than just the weather disappointed you this Easter weekend, make sure you’re not left out of pocket.

Whatever’s gone wrong, follow our top tips to claim back your money.

1. Your Easter egg looked mouldy

The gold wrapper was so promising – but after tearing it off on Sunday morning, you or your child was devastated to find it was covered with white dust or streaks.

While it’s safe to eat, it’s often a calling card of lower-quality chocolate.

The Consumer Rights Act makes it a legal requirement that everything you buy must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described.

If you splashed out on a premium product, you could argue that your dusty egg isn’t of satisfactory quality or as described and you may be able to claim a refund or replacement. But you should act fast – here’s how to make a free faulty goods claim.

2. Your hotel break didn’t match the brochure

You booked a sea view with a full English buffet but were instead given a balcony over the car-park and some stale cereal.

Ideally, you should complain to the hotel or accommodation provider immediately, but if you weren’t able to do so for whatever reason make sure you keep any evidence of your experience – like receipts, photos or videos.

If you paid with your credit card, you could also make a claim against your credit card company.

3. You overindulged in the Easter sales

Many of us try to make the most of any sales, but once the spending high wears off, you could find that you’ve ended up with something at best you don’t need, or at worst doesn’t work properly.

But you should also know that your return rights are different, depending on whether you bought online or on the high street.

A recent Which? investigation of the 46 retailer and supermarket websites we looked at between December 2017 and February 2018 revealed that 45 had misleading or unclear information about your returns rights.

4. Your Easter travel plans were derailed

Whether you’re travelling with an operator by land, sea or sky and your journey doesn’t go to plan, you could have the right to claim for compensation.

  • Train pain Whether it was snow, strikes or the Easter bunny himself which caused your train to be late or cancelled, you could be entitled to Delay Repay compensation or a refund of your ticket. We can help you find your train company so you can quickly make a claim for free.
  • Flight frustration If your flight was delayed by two hours or more, your airline has to give you free meals and refreshments appropriate to the delay, two free phone calls and free hotels or transfers if needed. If it didn’t help you at the time, you can claim it back from your receipts. If your flight was held up for three hours or more, you can also also claim compensation.
  • Ferry fury If your ferry was delayed for at least one hour, you can claim compensation. But if it was delayed because of dangerous weather conditions or extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances, the ferry company doesn’t have to pay. Regardless of the reason, if you’re held up for 90 minutes or more, you should be given free snacks, meals and refreshments. If your journey was cancelled you should be refunded the cost of your tickets.

5. You had a dinner date disaster

So you opted for a stay-cation and treated yourself to a nice meal – but the whole excursion was ruined by terrible service, and what’s more, the service charge was compulsory.

Under the Consumer Rights Act, the restaurant is legally required to provide service with reasonable care and skill, so if it fell below this it could be in breach of contract. The best move forward is to write to the manager as soon as possible after your visit to ask for a refund of the money you’re disputing.

We can help you write a letter to the restaurant to complain about the service.

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