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Londoners are least likely to switch energy supplier

Top reasons you should switch – from those who have

Londoners are least likely to switch energy supplier

Those who live in the capital city are the least likely to have actively switched their gas and electricity supplier, Which? research reveals.

But that’s not because Londoners are happiest with their current choice of energy company. In fact, they are the least likely people in the whole of Britain to be very satisfied with their gas and electricity firm*.

Welsh energy customers are the most content – 43% are very satisfied with their energy firm. Whereas Yorkshire and Humber residents are the most likely to have switched.

So are people where you live happy with their energy suppliers, and how does your region compare for energy supplier switching? Read on to find out.

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Best and worst regions for switching energy supplier

Yorkshire and Humber residents are most likely to have switched energy firm. Some 60% of them say they have done so.

That’s 16 percentage points higher than in London, where just 44% of respondents said they’ve switched energy firm.

Averaged across all regions, 55% of people in Great Britain say they have chosen to switch energy supplier.

You’re more likely to have switched if you’re a homeowner, than if you rent your home.

  • 61% homeowners said they had switched
  • 42% of tenants said they had switched

Do you rent your home? Our bespoke guide to switching energy supplier as a tenant takes you through your rights and how to switch.

Where are the happiest energy customers?

Overall, 36% of energy customers say they’re very satisfied with their current energy firm. Welsh customers beat the average, with 43% of them very satisfied with their gas and electricity firm.

But just 30% of London residents say they’re very satisfied with their energy firm.

Why you should switch energy supplier

We asked those who have switched energy supplier to tell us their top reasons for doing so. They said:

  • Lower price (79%)
  • Better customer service (31%)
  • Expert recommendation or good supplier reputation (both 22%).

Plus, 90% of those who have switched said they found it easy or very easy to do so.

Never switched? Read our step-by-step guide to switching energy supplier.

Which? energy companies research

*We surveyed 8,397 energy customers online in September 2017 and asked respondents how satisfied they are with their energy firm, whether they have switched supplier, as well as other questions.

Find out the best and worst energy companies, as revealed by our survey.

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