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Cheap electric lawn mowers reviewed by Which?

Cheap electric lawn mowers – bargain or false economy? Which? investigates.

Cheap electric lawn mowers reviewed by Which?

What better way to celebrate the Bank Holiday and a day away from the rigours of work than… cutting the grass with a new lawn mower?

OK, so it’s not glamorous, but there’s a certain pleasure to be gained from standing back from a freshly cut lawn and knowing that at least one of the plants in your garden is looking its best.

But for many people, mowing the lawn is a chore not a pleasure, and they want to spend as little time and money on keeping their lawn tidy as they can. So this spring, Which? Gardening has been testing a range of very cheap electric mowers to see what they offer.

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Cheap mowers on test

There are hundreds of lawn mowers on sale, but recently we’ve noticed a real appetite for reviews of the cheap and cheerful lawn mowers that turn up in budget supermarket gardening promotions.

So we’ve expanded our testing to bring you more reviews of the electric mowers, particularly those costing less than £150, that you’ll find in DIY and catalogue stores.

Visit the reviews below to discover what you can expect from a cheap electric mower.

We wanted to find out whether very cheap lawn mowers have the power they need to cut grass, not just when it’s short and dry in the summer, but when it is long and untidy in the spring, or damp with late-summer dew.

What to expect from a cheap electric mower

Most of the cheap electric models that we have tested are small, with a 33cm to 36cm-wide cutting blade, which makes them most suitable for cutting smaller lawns of up to 50sq.m. If you try to use them on a larger lawn, you might find the going rather slow; you’ll need to mow up and down many times to cover a small area.

Lawn mowers usually offer a selection of cutting heights, so you can give your grass a gentle trim when it is longer in spring and gradually reduce the height to a neat and tidy short lawn. Cheap mowers often have fewer height settings and complicated ways of setting the height, such as individual adjustment mechanisms for each wheel. More-expensive mowers tend to have a lever that adjusts the height centrally.

Another feature that we notice on some smaller mowers is rather basic handles that require you to keep your hands in the same place all the time to operate the controls. This can be tiring if you mow for more than a few minutes.

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