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Households suffer an average of three broadband outages a month

One in three don't complain to their provider - we can help you make a complaint now for free

Households suffer an average of three broadband outages a month

Almost one in four UK households suffer broadband outages every month with the average household reporting three outages in that time, according to research published today.

Two thirds of hose suffering outages suffered in silence instead of complaining to their provider, with more than one in 10 reporting that they endured an infuriating 10 internet blackouts per month on average.

The research, commissioned by Compare the Market, found the most common reason people didn’t complain was because they didn’t think it would be effective.

Read more: we can help you complain if you have a problem with your broadband.

The research, which asked 2,087 adults about their broadband experiences, found of those who did complain only half thought their complaint was handled well.

It also found that 93% of those polled who experienced issues with their connection weren’t compensated for the disruption.

And each time someone has an issue with their internet connection it takes on average 2.5 hours to fix.

How to fix your broadband problems

If you’re having problems with your broadband, we’ve compiled five tips which might fix whatever issue you’re having.

You can also check your broadband speed by using our speed checker.

How to complain to your broadband provider

Because you have a contract with your broadband provider, you’re entitled to the service which you were promised – including the speed. If you’re not getting that, your provider could be in breach of contract.

So if you weren’t able to fix your problem yourself, you should contact your broadband service provider and explain that you consider it to be in breach of contract as it’s failing to provide the service it said it would.

There’s more information about how to make a complaint and how to escalate it if you’re not happy with the outcome on our Consumer Rights site.

We can also help you complain about your broadband speed and have a letter template to make a complaint.

We believe broadband is an essential part of modern life and yet the service many of us get simply isn’t good enough.

Which? are campaigning to end bad broadband – take a speed test. 

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