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Seven crazy baby accessories you just don’t need

From pram charms to jazz up your pushchair to a heater for warming up your baby wipes

Seven crazy baby accessories you just don’t need

Have you been tempted by pram charms, baby wipe warmers and an iPad Potty for your baby?

As a new parent, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out precisely what items you need to buy and what the exact needs of your baby will be.

And parental anxiety over doing your best for your baby can make it difficult to know when to splash out.

Read on for some of the craziest baby accessories we’ve spotted in our research, plus serious safety advice to heed when it comes to some baby accessories.

Or check out what parents reckon are the best and worst baby products.

1. Pram charms

Pram charms, also known as buggy charms, can be clipped onto the bumper bar or hood of your pushchair. They’re often made up of little beads and crystals, and some parents love them as a way of customising their stroller.

But as with anything hanging close to a baby or child, it’s a choking hazard risk if your baby gets hold of one and puts it in his or her mouth. For this reason, we’d advise against using pram charms.

Looking to buy a new pushchair? Check our pushchair reviews.

2. Baby head support

A baby head support is a good idea, in theory, if your child has a tendency to fall asleep on long car journeys. It helps to stop your child’s head nodding forward and straining his or her neck.

But the majority on sale are one size, leaving some parents complaining that the head support is too small to fit round the top of their car seat. While others have said it’s too big and slips down.

Adding accessories to your car seat that aren’t approved by the manufacturer could compromise a seat’s safety and void the warranty. Find out more about what optional extras are safe to use in our car seat accessories guide.

3. Shark sleeping bag

This shark sleeping bag is a great photo opportunity and it’s a fun product for children to nap in. But we wouldn’t advise letting children fall asleep using it if they’re under two years.

A young baby needs the bare minimum in his or her cot or sleeping area; just a firm and flat cot mattress that’s protected by a waterproof cover or mattress protector and a cot sheet.

Products such as this shark sleeping bag, baby sleep positioners, quilts, duvets and pillows pose a risk of suffocation if younger babies roll onto their fronts or if their faces get covered while they sleep.

Our baby-safe sleeping tips and baby-bedding safety advice guide gives you all the information you need to ensure your little one has a comfy and safe night’s sleep, and you can take a look at our Best Buy cot mattresses to find the most firm mattress for your baby.

4. Pram fur hood trim

You might fancy adding a little bling to your baby’s pushchair with a fake fur hood trim or a carrycot fur trim. They come in a range of colours and sizes to fit popular pushchairs from big brands like iCandy, Mamas & Papas and Silver Cross.

Yes they’re a unique way to customise your stroller, but could be a choking hazard if your baby pulls bits of fluff off and eats them.

This is another accessory our pushchair experts recommend avoiding.

5. Baby nappy monitors

No more need to follow your nose. Nowadays there’s a device that will tell you when your baby has been. A nappy monitor attaches to your baby’s nappy and sends an alert to your smartphone to let you know when your baby needs changing.

It costs around £100 from Amazon and eBay. That’s quite a lot to spend, considering we’ve found Best Buy baby monitors for as little as £25.

The old fashioned method of checking your baby’s nappy and changing it regularly also works and, more importantly, it’s free. You can also check our nappy reviews to see which nappies showed no signs of leaking, and were excellent at keeping moisture in the core of the nappy and away from babies’ sensitive bottoms.

6. Wipe warmers

A wipe warmer warms your baby wipes so your baby’s lower half doesn’t get too cold during a nappy change. It will set you baby around £25. And watch out for the heat drying out your wipes.

Save your money here and by finding out where to buy the cheapest wipes.

7. iPad Potty

If you’re potty training and finding it a pain, you might be tempted by the iPad Potty. But you could be setting yourself up for a child who won’t be able to ‘go’ without watching Peppa Pig.

To tackle potty training successfully without the need of tech solutions, look out for signs that your child is ready in our how to potty train.

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