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New portable washer works away from water and power source

Which? Takes a look at the Karcher OC 3 mobile washer

Summer is the time to get out of the heat of the city to enjoy a camping trip, or perhaps a week in a bolthole in the wilderness, which can be a dirty business. The Karcher OC 3 mobile washer promises to help you keep the outdoors, well, outdoors.

This small and portable washer works away from a power and water source to help you rinse down your bikes, sports equipment, boots and even the family dog, before packing up and heading inside.

Find out what we thought when we tried out the Karcher OC 3 mobile washer.

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What is a mobile washer?

The Karcher OC 3 mobile washer is akin to bringing your garden hose with you on a car trip (although, obviously, it doesn’t have the continuous water flow that your garden hose would provide).

Under the four-litre water tank is a compartment that stores the nozzle and the 2.8-metre hose. It has a carrying handle that makes it convenient to take from one place to another.

The washer is powered by a rechargeable battery, which means you can use this washer away from both power and water sources.

The Karcher OC 3 mobile washer is not a pressure washer; it will not blast off stains from paving stones or whip your garden surfaces into shape. If you need something high-powered, then head over to our Best Buy pressure washers.

What is the portable pressure washer for?

If you need something to help rinse off muck and dirt after a busy day of enjoying the great outdoors, the Karcher OC 3 mobile washer is a good choice. You can use it on anything, and it’s gentle enough that you can even spray the dog with it.

However, because the washer is gentle, you’ll need to put in some elbow grease to get your items clean.

With the price of the Karcher OC 3 starting at £150 (you can probably get a better deal if you shop around), it’s not a purchase you want to make lightly.

Check out our reviews to read our full impression of the Karcher OC 3 mobile washer.

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