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UK drops in worldwide broadband speed rankings

Singapore, Romania and Madagascar all have faster average broadband speeds

UK drops in worldwide broadband speed rankings

The UK has fallen to 35th place in an annual worldwide broadband speed league table. Singapore took top spot, followed by Sweden and Denmark, while Yemen had the slowest average speed.

The analysis also found that the UK’s average speed had risen from 16.51Mbps in 2017 to 18.57Mbps this year. The new average speed would mean downloading a 5GB HD film would take nearly 37 minutes. The same file would take the average Singaporean connection just over 11 minutes to download.

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Broadband speeds: UK compared

The analysis compared speeds in 200 countries and found that average broadband speeds are rising across the globe. The latest overall average was 9.1Mbps versus 7.4Mbps in the previous year – an increase of 23%. While the average speed also rose in the UK, it was by just 12.5%.

Our lower relative increase meant that several countries – Andorra, France, Luxembourg, Madagascar and Poland – leapfrogged the UK in the rankings. Meanwhile Macao dropped behind, leaving the UK four spots down since last year.

The UK had one of the lowest ranks of the EU member states, coming 21st out of 28. The most impressive member states were Denmark, Sweden and Romania, while Cyprus came in 28th place.

Of the 50 best performing countries overall, 36 are European, nine are in Asia and the Pacific, two each are in North America and South America and one is in Africa.

Unsurprisingly, the slowest speeds overall were found in less economically developed states: Yemen, East Timor and Turkmenistan. The average broadband speed in Yemen was just 0.31Mbps.

The data for the league table was compiled by Cable.co.uk using speed test data collected from 200 countries.

How fast is your broadband?

Our surveys have found that slow broadband speeds are experienced by a large number of broadband customers: in December 2017 and January 2018, one in five of the 1,900 customers we surveyed were affected.

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