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Is Vodafone Broadband’s free tech gifts offer really a good deal?

New and existing customers can take their pick of technology valued up to £200

Is Vodafone Broadband’s free tech gifts offer really a good deal?

Vodafone is offering what appears to be a pretty alluring deal for new and existing customers – a free tech gift up to the value of £199.

You’ll need to sign up for either the Superfast 1 (£24 a month) or Superfast 2 (£29 a month) package, and be on a 12-month or 18-month plan to be eligible for the free gift. It’s also available to customers purchasing a Sim-only and Home Broadband bundle. The promotion runs to 3 September.

There are four gifts to choose from:

But are there any hidden caveats to this apparently impressive deal? We dig deeper to find out.

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Is Vodafone Broadband good value for money?

Before we see what tech’s on offer, it’s worth looking at the packages in a little more detail to weigh up Vodafone against the competition.

Vodafone Superfast 1

Vodafone Superfast 1 is a 35Mbps fibre broadband package with unlimited usage. It costs £24 a month for existing customers to switch to, or £25 a month for new customers. There’s a £10 upfront cost.

Vodafone Superfast 2

Vodafone Superfast 1 is a 63Mbps fibre broadband package with unlimited usage. It costs £29 a month for existing customers to switch to, or £30 per month for new customers. There’s also a £10 upfront cost here.

How does Vodafone compare?

Although not the cheapest, Vodafone fares well against rivals such as BTSky and Virgin Media, which are typically more expensive. However, Now Broadband, Plusnet and TalkTalk all have better deals, if only by a few pounds a month.

Crucially, Vodafone’s price hasn’t increased to accommodate the free gift that you now receive with the package, so while you can get broadband elsewhere for slightly less, this is a genuine deal and decent value for money, particularly if you’re interested in any of the four free gifts on offer.

Which free gift should I choose?

We’ve put each of the free gifts through our in-depth lab tests so we can tell you which ones are Best Buys, and which ones might leave you less satisfied.

Fitbit Charge 2 – RRP £140

The Fitbit Charge 2 is the bestselling fitness tracker from Fitbit. It has a range of advanced fitness features, including a built-in heart-rate monitor.

Read our full review of the Fitbit Charge 2 to find out all about its other features, how comfortable and easy to use it is and the accuracy of its fitness-tracking features.

GoPro Hero – RRP £199

The GoPro Hero is an action camera aimed at the entry-level user. It can capture Full HD video and has a 2-inch touchscreen display to edit and review your video footage.

It’s the most expensive item on the free gift list, but is it even worth getting a free one? See our full first look review of the GoPro Hero to find out.

Amazon Echo (2nd generation) – RRP £90

It’s the cheapest on the free gift list, but the Amazon Echo has a few tricks up its sleeve, including voice-activated home assistance, music playback, alarms and taxi ordering.

The Amazon Echo was unique when it first launched, but is it still the best with many copycats now on the market? Read our full Amazon Echo (2nd generation) review to find out.

Sonos Play 1 – RRP £149

This wireless and Bluetooth speaker is one of the most popular on the market. You can connect it to your home internet network and it also has the ability to stream tracks directly from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

But is this wireless speaker ahead of the competition in terms of sound quality and ease of use? Read our in depth review of the Sonos Play 1 to find out.

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