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Premium bond winners August 2018: are some areas luckier than others?

Find out who won the £1m prize draw this month

Two more premium bond holders have become millionaires overnight in the latest NS&I prize draw, and they’re both from outer London. So are some areas luckier than others?

Premium bond prize winners are picked at random, but the latest draw has seen two jackpot winners from the same region secure the £1m prize – and it’s not the first time this has happened.

Here, we take a look at this month’s winners and whether some areas are luckier than others for securing high-value premium bond prizes.

Who won the £1m premium bond jackpot in August?

One million-pound winner is a woman who purchased her winning bond (193WA458843) in June 2012 and currently has £29,700 invested.

The other jackpot winner is a man who purchased his winning bond (247YN655471) in June 2015 and currently has the maximum £50,000 invested.

The £1m jackpot winners aren’t the only ones that will be celebrating though. In this month’s draw, there were seven winners of high-value prizes with low holding limits, which we’ve highlighted below.

Prize Value Winning Bond Holding value Location Purchase Date
£100,000 3LC702632 £1,000 Wales Sep-01
£50,000 194AN827670 £5,000 South Scotland Jun-12
£50,000 136RR661722 £1,300 Kent Mar-08
£50,000 92EZ351932 £3,300 Tyne and Wear Feb-98
£10,000 195DW404468 £500 Southampton Jul-12
£10,000 133DJ780726 £100 Cambridgeshire Oct-07
£5,000 9KY711817 £100 Cleveland May-04

More than three million other prizes were given out this month, but over 90% of them were for £500 or less. You can see the full breakdown of prizes for the August draw in the table below.

Value of prize Number of prizes
£1,000,000 2
£100,000 5
£50,000 9
£25,000 20
£10,000 49
£5,000 98
£1,000 1,770
£500 5,310
£100 24,289
£50 24,289
£25 3,042,501


Are some areas luckier than others?

This month’s £1m prize winners are both from outer London, which might lead you to believe that some areas are just luckier than others.

However, this is a rare occurrence and is just the fourth time it has happened.

In August 2006, two bond holders from Northern Ireland won the jackpot, in January 2016 it was two fortunate people from Leicester, and the last time it happened was in July 2016 when two residents of West Sussex got lucky.

The luckiest regions in 2018

So far in 2018, Wiltshire is has been the luckiest region in terms of winning the £1m prize, with wins recorded three times this year – in January, March and May.

Meanwhile, inner London and the region of Hampshire & Isle of Wight have had three wins of £100,000 each.

Kent, meanwhile, is the luckiest region for people picking up £50,000 prizes, with six so far in 2018.

While it might appear that some areas are luckier than others, that’s not the case.

Premium bonds are picked at random and each bond has an equal chance of winning, so the only way to improve your odds is to buy more bonds.

Are you missing out on a premium bond prize?

NS&I says there are around 1.5m unclaimed premium bond prizes worth over £59m waiting to be snapped up.

Outer London has the highest value of unclaimed prizes of any region, with 172,000 prizes worth £6.7m.

This includes one prize of £100,000 waiting to be claimed. This prize was won in February 2007 and the winner has just £25 invested. The winning Bond number is 8LK522839.

There are also four £10,000 unclaimed prizes in the region.

Typically, premium bond prizes go unclaimed as a result of NS&I not being informed of changes to personal details, such as a change of address.

The good news premium bond winnings never expire, so there’s no time limit to claim your prize.

To claim a missing prize you can get in contact with NS&I online, via post or enter your details via the app, available on both iOS and Android to make a claim.

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