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Autumn Budget 2018: new Brexit 50p coin to be released

Will this be a valuable coin worth adding to your collection?

Autumn Budget 2018: new Brexit 50p coin to be released

A commemorative 50p coin will be released next year to mark Britain’s exit from the European Union, today’s HM Treasury Budget Red Book revealed.

The coin will be available in the Spring as Britain prepares to leave the EU on 29 March 2019.

Which? explains what the new coin design will be and how it compares with other rare coins.

Brexit 50p coin – everything we know

The new ‘Brexit 50p’ design will feature the date inscribed below the phrase: ‘peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations’.

The Brexit design will be the latest in the collection of 50p coins issued to mark a historic event.

In 1973 the Royal Mint released a design to commemorate Britain joining the European Economic Community.

What is the rarest 50p coin?

New 50p designs tend to be particularly sought after by collectors, but it can take up to a year for the Royal Mint to confirm how many coins have actually been released into circulation.

The 2009 Kew Gardens coin remains the rarest of all, with just 210,000 in circulation. The fewer coins minted, the harder the coin is for collectors to find, meaning they’re likely to pay higher sums for it.

A silver Kew Gardens 50p coin recently sold for £400 – 10 times its estimate price – at the Royal Mint’s first ever London historic coin auction last month.

Other rare 50p coins

The Sir Isaac Newton coin issued last year follows the Kew Gardens design as one of the rarest 50p coins in circulation, with just 1.8m released.

You can see the full list of rare 50p coins in our graph below.

The mintage indicates how many coins of that design were minted, and so will give an indication of how commonly a coin will pop up in circulation.

But bear in mind that other factors will also impact on demand for specific designs, and therefore how much collectors are willing to pay.

Coins with sentimental or historical value – including the Olympics series – are often held as keepsakes, taking them out of circulation and making them harder to find.

Meanwhile, a coin’s condition will also be important, with collectors likely to value coins that have no signs of wear and tear.

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