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Movember: top five tips for using electric shavers

Keep your moustache in top shape this Movember

Movember: top five tips for using electric shavers

Charity initiative Movember is back again, with men around the world sporting neatly groomed top-lip topiary. The aim is to raise money and awareness for a range of male health issues, including prostate cancer and suicide prevention.

If you’re taking part, read our top five tips to help you keep your electric shaver in good working order, and maintain the perfect moustache this Movember.

Or go straight to our electric shaver reviews to see which one will help you showcase fantastic facial hair.

1. Electric shaver maintenance is key

Get into the habit of cleaning your shaver after every use. A build-up of hair can damage the blades and also seriously impair the life of your electric shaver.

The blades on most electric shavers are easy to detach and rinse under the tap. You’ll also get a handy, narrow brush to help clean out tricky areas. Our guide on how to clean and maintain an electric shaver can help you get the most out of yours.

Some higher-end models, such as the Braun Series 9 9290cc, also include a dock that cleans the blades while the shaver charges.

Braun Series 9 9290cc electric shaver
The Braun Series 9 9290cc has a dock that cleans and charges the shaver simultaneously

2. Avoid skin irritation

To really showcase your moustache this Movember, you’ll have to be diligent about shaving the rest of your face every day. This could be an issue if you have sensitive skin, but there are ways to avoid unnecessary irritation.

One tip is to tackle the most sensitive areas, such as the neck, first – before the blades build up the operational heat that could cause your skin problems.

You should also focus on your technique, so you don’t have to apply unnecessary pressure by going over the same area too many times.

Some models have features designed to help tackle sensitive-skin issues. The Braun CoolTec CT2s has a cooling element which is meant to keep skin calm throughout each shave. The world’s first internet-connected shaver, the Philips Smart Shaver Series 7000, has been specifically designed to reduce irritation and shaving-related skin complaints for people with sensitive skin.

Philips Smart Shaver Series 7000

3. Get the best battery

One of the key selling points of an electric shaver is how convenient it is. But that goes right out of the window if you reach for your shaver in the morning and find it without power.

We test the battery performance of every shaver we review. We’ve found a Best Buy with a battery that lasts for a whopping 26 shaves, meaning you could take it away on a three-week holiday fully charged and wouldn’t have to carry the charger with you. But there are others that will give you only around eight shaves per full charge.

Compare our electric shaver reviews to see which is best for battery life.

4. Minimise Movember moans

A moustache can be divisive. Some people love them; others absolutely hate them. Even during Movember, when it’s all for a good cause, a moustache can test the patience of the most understanding partner. The last thing you want to be adding in on top of any potential discord is the sleep-disrupting whir of an overly loud electric shaver first thing in the morning.

Our electric shaver tests include an assessment of noise, and we’ve found some surprising results. Some expensive models, costing well over £100, only got two stars out of five for noise, while there are very quiet electric shavers available for less than £30.

5. Nail your shaver technique

Feedback from Which? members shows that most still feel a wet razor blade gives a closer shave than an electric shaver. But you can certainly narrow the gap by focusing on proper technique.

  • Don’t wash your face before you shave. Unlike with wet shaving, you ideally want the hairs to be dry and stiff so the blades of your electric shaver can catch and cut them more easily.
  • Let the shaver do the work. If you’re keeping your electric shaver well maintained, then you should be able to get a close shave by working the blades over your skin lightly and slowly.

For more tips on shaving technique, and other expert advice, check out our guide on how to buy the best electric shaver.

Read more about Movember for how to take part and what the money you raise from your moustache will be helping.

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