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October offers: get 20% off a new dash cam

Halfords is offering money-off a Nextbase dash cam if you trade in your old model. But are Nextbase dash cams any good?

For the whole of October, Halfords is offering 20% off all individual Nextbase dash cams when you trade in an old one, from any brand. This special offer is a great way to upgrade an old dash cam, provided you pick the right model. 

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular and we’re seeing more and more highly advanced models.

This includes dash cams that have apps for video playback and some that even provide glare resistance for the clearest of footage.

So should you take the plunge and upgrade your outdated dash cam to a new Nextbase?

Our tests have uncovered some excellent Nextbase Best Buys. But they have also uncovered models that lack clarity and definition, even in daylight, and positively struggle in low light.

Price is no guarantee of a good dash cam. We’ve found expensive Nextbase cameras that are Don’t Buys, as well as affordable models that are Best Buys.

Want to know which dash cams excel in our tests? See our Best Buy dash cams.

Should I buy a Nextbase dash cam?

Nextbase is one of the leading dash cam manufacturers. We’ve tested eight of the Nextbase models available in the Halfords trade-in at our lab.

Our tests revealed varying results – some are worthy Best Buys, while others most certainly aren’t. Buying the wrong model could land you in a difficult situation when you’re banking on good footage.

To help you make that all-important decision, we’ve put together a round-up of the best Nextbase models available in 2018.

Below, we’ve also selected three Nextbase models – ranging from the cheapest, to mid-range, to pricey. So you can take a look at what you get for your budget.

Nextbase iN-Car Cam 112 (Halfords price: £49*)

As the cheapest model available from Nextbase, the iN-Car Cam 112 carries less extravagant features compared with some of the others on the market.

Recording at 720p HD and including automatic recording, it may be an attractive option if you’re looking for a budget dash cam model.

But does its cheap price mean you’re sacrificing performance? Our expert Nextbase iN-Car Cam 112 review reveals all.

Nextbase iN-Car Cam 212 Lite (Halfords price: £69*)

The Nextbase iN-Car Cam 212 Lite falls into Nextbase’s mid-range of dash cams. Though its affordable price means it sits towards the lower end of this range.

This dash cam records at 1080p HD.

It also has a loop-recording feature – this means it keeps recording over old footage, once your SD memory card is full. So you won’t risk missing out on vital evidence in the event of a crash.

Discover if this dash cam really is a good deal – see our Nextbase iN-Car Cam 212 Lite review.

Nextbase Duo HD TwinCam (Halfords price: £199*)

The high-end Nextbase Duo HD TwinCam features two cameras. These allow you to record both the road in front and behind your vehicle at 1080p HD.

It’s also GPS enabled, so you can use it to pinpoint your location in event of an incident.

Plus it comes with a G-force sensor – Nextbase says this protects the footage in the event of a crash.

Are these fancy features really useful, and is this dash cam worth its steep price tag? See our Nextbase Duo HD TwinCam review.

Stuck on how to pick the right dash cam?

The most important feature of a dash cam is how clearly it can record footage. All dash cams can support at least 720dp – some can record 1080dp or even 4K.

But we’ve found that a higher resolution doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get clearer footage.

GPS tracking will help you know exactly where you were at the point of a crash, which can be useful.

You can also choose to have your dash cam hard-wired into your car.

Otherwise you’ll plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter socket. So look for a longer cable if you want to route it around the windscreen and down a front pillar.

If you want to learn more about dash cams and which features are most important, read our expert guide on how to buy the best dash cam.

*(Halfords price: doesn’t include 20% trade-in, which is applied in-store.)

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