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NS&I premium bonds winners December 2018: are you a Christmas millionaire?

It’s the last draw of 2018 – find out if you’ve won the £1m jackpot

NS&I premium bonds winners December 2018: are you a Christmas millionaire?

National Savings & Investments (NS&I) has made two lucky savers millionaires in the final premium bonds prize draw of 2018.

Agent Million will be making a trip to London and Kent to deliver the good news just in time for Christmas.

The last prize draw of the year marks the 400th premium bond millionaire since the first winner of the jackpot in April 1994.

Here, we reveal the winning bond numbers picked in December and look back at this year’s draws to find out who’s had the most luck.

December 2018 premium bond winners

The 399th £1m-winner is a woman from London who purchased her winning bond (122EX485646) in January 2007 and currently has £40,000 invested.

The 400th jackpot winner is another woman, this time from Kent, who has won the £1m jackpot with a bond (336ED173008) bought just five months ago, in July 2018. She has won from a relatively small holding of £5,300.

Over three million other prizes were given out this month, but more than 90% of these were of £500 or less. You can see the full breakdown of prizes for the December draw in the table below.

Value of prize Number of prizes
£1,000,000 2
£100,000 5
£50,000 10
£25,000 21
£10,000 52
£5,000 101
£1,000 1,821
£500 5,463
£100 24,977
£50 24,977
£25 3,127,682

Luckiest gender in 2018

Overall, women won slightly more premium bond prizes than men in 2018.

But when it came to securing the £1m jackpot, men were the luckiest, with 13 men winning the top prize in 2018, compared to just 11 women.

Luckiest age group in 2018

This year, 60-to-69-year-olds won a quarter of all the prizes, making them far and away the luckiest age group.

However, when it comes to £1m wins, those in the 50-59 age bracket had the most luck.

Luckiest areas in 2018

The south-east had the largest concentration of lucky savers this year, with nearly 7 million prizes handed out to investors in this region of the UK.

However, those in the south-west had the most luck with winning the £1m jackpot, with seven winners located in this area in 2018.

Biggest wins from smallest investments in 2018

Typically, those with the maximum £50,000 investment have the best chance of winning any prize in the premium bonds prize draw.

But occasionally savers with small investments win big. There were 73 high-value prize winners with holdings worth £100 or less in 2018.

How to improve your odds of winning in 2019

Premium bond winners are picked at random by Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment (or ERNIE for short) and each bond you have invested has a separate and equal chance of winning a prize.

So really the only way to improve your odds of winning a prize in the premium bonds prize draw is to buy more bonds.

NS&I says the average jackpot-winning holding in 2018 was £35,135, but you can invest up to £50,000.

To find out more about how premium bonds work, watch the video below.

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