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Gtech launches Pro K9 cordless pet vacuum

Pet-friendly vacuum has scented cartridges and carbon-lined dustbags to tackle lingering smells

Gtech launches Pro K9 cordless pet vacuum

Gtech has launched a pet version of its Pro bagged cordless vacuum cleaner. The Pro K9 comes with odour-neutralising carbon-lined dustbags, and replaceable scented cartridges to leave a fresh smell behind as you clean.

It also has ‘strengthened components’ designed to deal with the extra rigour of clearing up after pets.

The Pro K9 costs £250, which is £50 more than the original Gtech Pro cordless bagged vacuum.

These models are some of the only bagged cordless vacuums on the market. The bagged design means less contact with dust when emptying and allow them to hold more dust than rival bagless models from Dyson, Shark and Vax, although you will have to shoulder the ongoing cost of replacement dustbags.

Read on for more on the Gtech Pro K9 and how it compares on spec with rival cordless pet vacuums. Alternatively, head straight to the full Gtech Pro cordless bagged review to get our verdict on the original model, which is very similar.

Gtech Pro K9: what makes it pet-friendly?

The original model, the Gtech Pro, includes a mini turbo tool, which is the traditional extra you get on a pet vacuum, and can be handy for lifting pet hair from smaller areas such as stairs, sofas and upholstery. So what else do you get with the K9?

1. Carbon-lined dustbags

A layer of carbon built into the dustbag should help to neutralise odours and musty smells associated with your furry friends.

Other pet vacuums, such as the Numatic Harry HHR200-11 vacuum, sometimes have carbon filters for this purpose.

Vacuums which use disposable dust bags to collect dust and debris are good if you want to avoid contact with dust and debris once sucked up. If you’re keen on a cordless vacuum, the Gtech Pro range and the Numatic Henry HVB160 cordless vacuum are pretty much your only bagged options.

While they are more hygienic, one of the downsides of bagged vacuums is the ongoing cost of replacement bags. Replacement bags for this Gtech vacuum cost £12.99 for a pack of 10.

It’s also important to consider how well a vacuum traps allergens as it cleans. We’ve found cordless vacuums, in particular, are prone to leaking dust and allergens back into your home as your clean.

Best Buy cordless vacuums – discover the recommended models which excel at trapping potential allergens

2. Scented cartridges

The Pro K9 comes with a small slot for a scented cartridge that Gtech says gives rooms a fresh fragrance while you clean and helps to get rid of unpleasant odours.

The cartridges should last about a month and cost £10 for a replacement pack.

3. Strengthened components

Gtech doesn’t specify what this means exactly, but simply says this model is built with more robust materials to withstand heavier use.

To find out which cordless vacuum brands last the longest, according to our survey of cordless vac owners, see our guide to the most reliable cordless vacuum cleaner brands.

Gtech Pro K9 vs Dyson Animal vs Shark TruePet

If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum that’s good for pets, here’s a quick look at how some popular rivals measure up:

Gtech Pro K9 Dyson V7 Animal* Shark DuoClean IF250UKT TruePet Dyson V10 Animal
Price £250 £250 £350 £400
Weight 2.4kg 2.4kg 5.5kg 2.6kg
Dust bags Yes No No No
Dust capacity 1.5 litres 0.6 litres 0.7 litres 0.8 litres
Run time on standard 40 min 28 min 40 min ** 43 min
Run time on turbo 20 min 7 min 24 min** 8 min
Recharging time 4 hr 2 hr 35 min 3 hr 30 min** 2 hr 17 min
Pet-friendly features Carbon-lined dustbags, scented cartridges, mini turbo tool Mini turbo tool, ‘hygienic’ dust-ejector Mini turbo tool Mini turbo tool, ‘hygienic’ dust-ejector

*Dyson and Shark information based on official results from our lab tests
**Based on two batteries that are interchangeable, recharge time per battery

On spec, the Gtech compares favourably with higher priced rivals, thanks to a larger capacity, odour-control features and its light weight.

The real test is whether it can suck up dust and dirt – and fur and fluff – effectively, though.

We’ll be testing this model soon, but for now, see the Gtech Pro bagged cordless review to find out how this very similar model fared in our tough tests.

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Are cordless vacuums good for pets?

Gtech says another advantage of its Pro K9 is the lack of trailing cord, meaning your pets can’t chew on it, or get tangled up if they like to follow you around while cleaning – or run for the hills once the noise starts up.

We’ve found that cordless vacuums tend to be noisier than corded models, so if your pet is easily spooked you might want to opt for an ultra-quiet corded vacuum. You can also use the filters on our cordless vacuum reviews to see which models score best for noise.

On average, we’ve found cordless vacuums tend to be better at picking up pet hair than corded models, although the very best corded vacuums just edge them to the very best scores we’ve seen. For our top corded picks, head to our corded vacuum cleaner reviews.

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