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April 2019 premium bond winners revealed: who won the jackpot?

Find out if you’ve won this month’s jackpot and check if you're missing a prize

April 2019 premium bond winners revealed: who won the jackpot?

The lucky winners of the £1m jackpot in the latest NS&I prize draw will be getting a visit from Agent Million very soon. But not every winner gets a personal call – so, could you have an unclaimed prize worth thousands? 

In the 25 years since the £1m jackpot was first introduced, Agent Million has been making monthly visits to share the good news face to face.

However, more than three million other prizes are paid out each month where winners aren’t notified in person, meaning many go unclaimed – and the number continues to climb.

In March 2018 there were 1.4m unclaimed premium bond prizes. Today, there are 1.59m prizes worth a total of £61.5m.

Here we reveal this month’s winners and explore the increase in unclaimed prizes.

April’s premium bond winners

This month, Agent Million will be making a trip to Warwickshire for the first time since November 2015 and Kent, last visited in December 2018.

The winner from Warwickshire has £41,600 invested in premium bonds and bought the winning bond (201SW331874) in January 2013.

The other lucky jackpot winner hails from Kent and holds £30,000 in premium bonds. The winning bond (108RY588717) was purchased in April 2006.

Are you owed an unclaimed prize?

More than three million other prizes have been awarded this month. But even if your numbers didn’t come up in April’s draw, it might be worth checking if you have an unclaimed prize from years past.

Currently, there are 1.59m prizes, worth more than £61.5m, that are waiting to be found. And some are from quite recent memory – nearly 214,677 prizes were classified as ‘unclaimed’ in the last year.

Many of the unclaimed prizes are for the smaller awards worth less than £1,000, £500, £100, £50 or £25. But there are a number of high-value prizes still up for grabs, including six worth £25,000, six worth £50,000 and five worth £100,000.

Newest unclaimed premium bond prizes

The 15 newest prizes that are now officially deemed as unclaimed originate from draws held between September 2016 and September 2017.

Area Month and year of draw Prize value Winning bond number Gender Current holding balance
Suffolk Sep 17 £25 038PP427596 F £560
Tyne and Wear Sep 17 £25 184JT696501 F £30,000
Lothian Sep 17 £25 104HC701786 F £32,200
Hampshire Sep 17 £25 128XL223790 F £50,000
Merseyside Sep 17 £25 188VV928522 M £25,000
Somerset Sep 17 £25 209CQ828999 F £15,000
South Yorkshire Sep 17 £25 086JV689748 M £19,103
West Glamorgan Sep 17 £25 020KD661154 M £27,000
Lothian Sep 17 £25 306LC701563 F £50,000
South Glamorgan Sep 17 £25 290MR534997 M £50,000
Hampshire Sep 17 £25 206TE613153 F £7,155
West Midlands Sep 17 £25 124CD047571 M £37,000
Cumbria Sep 17 £25 014JX590571 M £1,000
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Sep 17 £25 043613886Y00B M £50,000
Hampshire Sep 17 £25 035141304E00B F £27,586

Source: NS&I

Oldest unclaimed premium bond prizes

The 15 oldest prizes that are still unclaimed date back to between November 1957 (the sixth-ever draw) and October 1961.

Area Month and year of the draw Prize value Winning bond number Gender Current holding balance
South Yorkshire Nov 57 £25 000VN199709 M £100
Lancashire Jan 59 £25 001EK846081 NA £5
Lancashire Sep 59 £25 001AK014211 NA £26
Norfolk Jan 60 £25 001EZ936789 M £0
Inner London Jun 60 £100 000AK956009 M £7
Inner London Jul 60 £25 000BN124135 F £2
Staffordshire Jul 60 £25 000AK864669 M £1
Oxfordshire Jul 60 £25 001EB770826 M £0
Derbyshire Dec 60 £25 001EK176684 M £5
West Yorkshire Jan 61 £25 000AB406729 M £2
Wiltshire Feb 61 £25 000AL641629 F £1
Lancashire Apr 61 £25 001AK654469 NA £2
Glasgow Jun 61 £50 001KW285674 M £10
Inner London Jul 61 £25 000BB407285 F £2
Buckinghamshire Oct 61 £25 003VP847299 F £185

Source: NS&I

How do premium bond prizes become unclaimed?

NS&I classifies a premium bond prize as unclaimed if the cash award has not been paid to the rightful winner 18 months or more after the draw in which the prize was won.

Premium bond prizes can go unclaimed for a number of reasons.

NS&I says the most common scenarios include when a bondholder moves and does not update their address or changes their bank account information.

How to avoid missing out on a prize

To avoid missing out on prizes, it’s a good idea to register online at nsandi.com to manage your account and choose to have prizes paid straight into your bank account.

Winnings paid directly into your bank account usually take seven working days to appear after a draw.

NS&I will need your current banking information, so make sure you keep it informed if you switch accounts.

Alternatively, you can request your winnings through the post. NS&I will send you a warrant, which is similar to a cheque, within 10 working days.

Just make sure NS&I has your up-to-date address details to ensure your prizes reach you.

You can check if you have won a prize in this month’s draw or in previous draws by using the NS&I online prize checker or by downloading the free prize-checking app on the Apple Store or Google Play.

NS&I will now also allow you to check if you’ve won using Alexa.


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