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Are the Aldi gardening tool special buys any good?

Aldi’s new chainsaw and leaf blower may be cheap, but are they really worth scrabbling in the middle aisle?

Are the Aldi gardening tool special buys any good?

From Thursday 26 September you can buy the Ferrex Electric Pole Pruner Chainsaw for £69.99 and Ferrex Electric Garden Blower/Vacuum for £29.99 in Aldi stores (while stocks last.)

The first signs of autumn bring new gardening jobs, such as pruning shrubs and clearing leaves off flowerbeds. These can be exhausting tasks, so Aldi’s cheap special buy pole pruner and leaf blower may be worth considering to reduce the effort involved.

But before you rush out to buy them, see how their specs compare with the models we’ve put through our tough tests.

See all the chainsaws and all the leaf blowers we’ve reviewed to find the perfect model to see you through autumn.

How do these Aldi gardening tools compare to our Best Buys?

We haven’t tested these gardening tools in the lab, but we can compare them on paper with the models we have tested.

Corded electric chainsaws

Ferrex Electric Pole Pruner Chainsaw Tested corded electric chainsaws*
Price £70 £109
Weight 6.5kg (approx) 4.9kg
Blade length 25cm 37cm
Cord length 10m 5.3m

*Based on the average of all tested corded electric chainsaws available on which.co.uk in September 2019

On paper there’s a lot to like about this chainsaw. The power cord is longer than the average electric chainsaw we’ve tested, so you’re less likely to have to get out an extension lead to reach where you want to prune. Plus, it’s considerably cheaper. On the other hand, it’s a little heavier so may be awkward to use for a long time.

The blade is smaller than electric chainsaws we’ve tested, so you may not be able to wider pieces of wood. However, its extendable pole turns it into a pruning saw that can cut high up branches too. It also comes with a soft grip handle and a shoulder strap for comfort.

Chainsaws can be deadly so it’s important to use full safety clothing when using them and to have training in how to use them safely. Read our advice about chainsaw safety.

If you have the budget and the space to store them, buy one of the best hedge trimmers and best chainsaws we’ve tested.

Electric leaf blower vacuums

Ferrex Electric Garden Blower/Vacuum Tested corded electric leaf blower vacuums
Price £30 £74
Weight 4.3kg (approx) 4.4kg
Collection bag volume 45 litres 42.5 litres
Cord length 10m 9.7m

*Based on the average of all tested corded electric leaf blower vacuums available on which.co.uk in September 2019.

The Aldi leaf blower looks like it can match other models we’ve tested, and for less than half the price, too. The large-capacity collection bag means you can vacuum for longer before you stop to empty it, and the power cord is a decent length for blowing leaves off your entire lawn.

We can’t tell how easy it will be to use and how well it will blow leaves off your lawn, though. See our Best Buy leaf blowers to find a model that excelled in our tests.

Should I consider a cordless chainsaw or leaf blower?

 Both these Aldi products are electric corded models, but you might find that a cordless appliance would work best.

See all the cordless chainsaws and cordless leaf blowers we’ve tested to see if they’d be a better fit for your garden.

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