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Should you buy cheap home appliances from Asda?

Asda's cordless vacuum cleaners, kettles and toasters are about as cheap as they come, but our tests have found they can be a real mixed bag

Should you buy cheap home appliances from Asda?

If you’re popping to Asda for your weekly food shop, you might be tempted to make a detour to the home appliance aisle to pick up a cheap vacuum cleaner, toaster or kettle.

With own-brand kettles and toasters for less than £20, and a cordless vacuum cleaner costing just £60 (a whopping £174 less than the average price of the cordless vacuums we’ve tested) they’re certainly a tempting prospect.

These appliances look cheap and cheerful, but while some are bargain Best Buys that give pricier brands a real run for their money, others are so bad we’ve had to label them Don’t Buys to avoid.

We’ve rounded up the latest Asda gadgets to go through our tough lab tests, so you can find the great-value options worth snapping up – and the ones best left on the shelves.

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Asda vacuum cleaners

Goblin GSV401W Foldable 2-in-1 Cordless Stick,  £60

If Dyson is the iPhone of the cordless vacuum cleaner world, then this Goblin is an entry-level Nokia. It’s a fraction of the price of the cheapest cordless Dyson though – the Dyson V7 starts from around £200.

It may not have the cool factor, but it’s got a few handy features you might not expect on such a cheap model, including a pull-out handheld vacuum and a combined dusting brush and crevice tool for smaller cleaning jobs around the house.

The foldable neck (something Dyson has only recently added to its stick vac designs) makes it easy to reach under coffee tables, and at 2.4kg it’s nice and light, so you shouldn’t have to strain to push it over your carpets.

It runs for longer than some cheap models, but does it actually bust the dust? Read our full Goblin GSV401W Foldable 2-in1 Stick cordless vacuum cleaner review to find out.

Asda Goblin corded vacuum cleaner, £23

One enthusiastic shopper caused a stir last year when she declared her new cheap Goblin vacuum to be ‘better than a Dyson’. Naturally, we decided to get some Asda vacuums to our independent lab to see whether there were bargains waiting to be discovered.

The brand’s latest corded stick model, the Goblin GSV101B-19, is astonishingly cheap, at just £23, and combines the lightweight convenience of a stick-style vacuum with the uninterrupted run-time of a corded vacuum.

It’s rare that a vacuum cleaner that’s this cheap impresses in our test labs, though. Could this one buck the trend?

Find out how it fared in our comparative tests, which put every vacuum through the same series of challenges to find the best, by checking the full Asda Goblin GSV1010B-19 vacuum cleaner review.

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Asda kettles

Asda George Home Kettle GPK201C-19, £12


Kettles rarely come much cheaper than this simple plastic Asda model. It’s very light, at just 0.7kg, and has capacity for 1.7 litres of water (pretty standard for a kettle), making around six to seven cups of tea in one go.

It comes with a two-year warranty and, seeing as most kettles break down in the first two years of ownership, according to Which? research, this is a pretty good deal.

We love how light and balanced it feels in your hand, but is it also quick, quiet and efficient enough to be a true bargain? Check the full Asda George Home Kettle GPK201C-19 review to find out.

Asda George Home Fast Boil Kettle GJK401MP-19, £20

Since Pantone named rose quartz as its ‘Colour of the Year’ in 2016, pale pink has been a popular feature in home decor. This pink and chrome kettle offers a bit of added pizzazz without breaking the bank.

Like the Asda George Home Kettle, it holds 1.7 litres and comes with a two-year manufacturer guarantee.

It’s really easy to see the water level through the clear window, but not everything was quite so rosy in our tests. Get the lowdown on this kettle in our Asda George Home Fast Boil GJK401MP-19 review.

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Asda toasters

Asda George Home GPT101C-19 Toaster, £11

Breakfast sets can be pricey, so you’ll be pleased to know that buying this cream toaster and its matching kettle (above) will leave you change from £25 – perfect if you’re setting up home somewhere new and trying to keep costs down.

It has all the standard options to reheat toast, defrost bread and cancel the cycle, as well as seven browning settings for the pickiest of toast connoisseurs.

It’s smart, compact and easy to use, but does it toast well? Read our Asda George Home GPT101C-19 Toaster review to find out if it’s a golden (brown) ticket to top toast.

Asda George Home GST201B-19 Toaster, £18

This model is a little pricier than Asda’s cheap cream toaster, but for this you get a stylish metal exterior and a high-lift lever, which crumpet lovers will find useful to stop their fingers getting singed when retrieving toasted treats.

It’s quick to serve up slices, but does it toast them evenly?  Head to the full Asda George Home GST201B-19 Toaster review to find out.

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Can cheap appliances compete with the big brands?

The price of gadgets such as kettles, vacuums and coffee machines can vary by hundreds of pounds. So is it ever worth buying at the lower end of the spectrum?

We test products at every price point, and time and again our testing has shown that price isn’t a reliable indicator of performance. We’ve found ultra-cheap appliances that do a brilliant job, and pricey gadgets that fall far short of expectations.

However, cheaper products can be much more of a minefield, with plenty of mediocre or even downright terrible products sitting alongside the gems, so it pays to check our reviews first to find out which cheap gadgets will do you proud.

We also survey thousands of Which? members to find out which products last when you get them home. You can see how Asda home appliance owners rated the reliability in our guide to the best kettle brands and best toaster brands.

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