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27 Jul 2021

Green Giant beaten by supermarket sweetcorn in Which? taste test

One cheap own-label tinned sweetcorn beat the leading brand, but others failed to impress

You could save on your weekly shop without compromising on taste by picking our top-rated tinned sweetcorn.

We tested 10 tinned sweetcorn products, including Green Giant, La Doria and supermarket own-label versions from Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose and more to find the crunchiest and tastiest option around.

Our results show that whether or not you should shell out for the pricey stuff depends on where you shop: one supermarket tin scored just below Green Giant in our taste test, but is less than half the price.

The best supermarket sweetcorn on test, which beat branded versions and impressed with its crisp texture, great taste and vivid colour, is also cheaper than branded options.

Find out which supermarket sweetcorn came out on top in our tinned sweetcorn taste test.

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How much difference is there between tinned sweetcorn brands?

They may all look similar on the shelf, but our tests showed there are differences in the tastiness of tinned sweetcorn - and the impact they have on your wallet.

Our panel's favourites were naturally sweet, popped with colour and had just the right amount of crunch, but the worst were bland, pale and lacked sweetness.

There's also a clear difference when it comes to price.

If you were to buy a tin a week for a year, Green Giant would set you back around £44. Our Best Buy is closer to £36, while one great-value option comes in at just £19 - so switching could save you as much as £25 a year if you're a regular consumer of the yellow stuff.

How we tested tinned sweetcorn

Our tinned sweetcorn line-up was tasted by a panel of people who regularly buy and eat tinned sweetcorn.

We cooked the sweetcorn according to pack instructions and served them to a panel of 72 tasters to rate.

The panellists rated the taste, texture, aroma and appearance of each product, and told us what they liked and disliked about each one.

The taste test was blind, so the panellists didn't know which brand they were trying. Each panellist had a private booth so they couldn't discuss what they were tasting or be influenced by others. The overall score is based on:

  • 50% flavour
  • 25% appearance
  • 15% aroma
  • 10% texture

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