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Top five gut health myths you need to know

We asked leading gut health experts what the most common misconceptions were about gut health. With reliance on probiotic supplements, exclusionary diets and one-size-fits-all solutions in the firing line, here's what they wish you knew - and the simple steps you can take instead that cost (almost) nothing.

How can we tackle our bathroom plastics recycling problem?

Our daily bathing routines contribute tonnes of packaging materials to landfill each year – from shampoo bottles to toothpaste tubes. So how can we recycle more of our toiletries, or...

Sick Pay: hospital parking charges rise by 10% in one year

Hospital car parking charges brought in more than £254m of revenue for the NHS last year - a record high. We look at the problem of hospital parking, and whether free parking is really the answer.

Save money on cold and flu remedies this winter

Cheapest places to buy popular cold and flu medicines revealed. Our snapshot pricing research uncovers the best value medicines and where to get deals on popular brands.

CBD oil: why it’s hard to know what you’re getting

CBD is the biggest health trend around, but potentially inaccurate labelling, messy regulations and a lack of independent testing leave consumers high and dry

Varifocal glasses: the best and worst places to buy

Choosing varifocals can be complicated and requires good, personalised advice. We surveyed almost 4,500 Which? members who wear varifocals to find the best and worst places to buy varifocal glasses...

Some online retailers selling dodgy specs, says Which?

Our undercover investigation has revealed that some online retailers are selling poor quality and potentially dangerous glasses. Find out which brands' specs failed our tests, and where to tread carefully when buying glasses online.

Letting agents potentially breaching consumer law, Which? reveals

Which? is calling on the CMA to investigate unfair terms and conditions, after an investigation reveals letting agents potentially breaching consumer law

Hay fever relief: how to get the best medicines for less

Which? pricing research reveals that opting for supermarket own-brand or generic hay fever remedies could save you more than 90% versus the leading antihistamine brand. Plus tips on minimising symptoms.

WHO launches free app to check hearing loss

The World Health Organisation has launched a free mobile app that allows you to check and monitor your hearing, to promote awareness of the issue on World Hearing Day 2019

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