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Is Asda’s £36 Goblin vacuum cleaner really better than a Dyson?

The Asda Goblin GVU401R-18 upright vacuum cleaner is reduced to £36 in stores. Before you rush out to buy it, see how it compares to pricier vacuum cleaners and if you can ever get a bargain vacuum cleaner to rival Dyson for less than £100.

Most reliable kitchen gadgets revealed

Exclusive Which? research reveals the kitchen appliances that are most likely to last, and the ones that will break down sooner. Find out which gadgets are less reliable, and how to find the most long-lasting brands if you want a product that stands the test of time.

The best sparkling rosé wines and fizz for beating the heat

As Waitrose reports sales of sparkling roses and champagne wines soaring in the heatwave, Which? experts have tested a range of prosecco, Champagne, sparkling wine and sparkling roses to find the best.

Motorists miss out on millions by not renewing their driving licence online

Save money by applying for, or renewing, your driving license online. Find out how it works, how much you can save and whether you need an International Driving Permit to drive a car abroad.

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How these heat pump tumble dryers could save you money

Heat pump tumble dryers cost less to run but are usually more expensive up front. Get the best of both worlds with our newly tested cheaper heat pump dryers. Find out the features they offer and if they can help you to save.

Lidl Batts Real Mayonnaise, Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise, Aldi Bramwells Real mayonnaise

Hellmann’s, Aldi or Lidl mayonnaise? Find out which is best

Looking for the best mayonnaise for a summer barbecue? We pitted the top brand, Hellmann's, against the cheapest two on sale, from Lidl and Aldi, in a blind taste-test.

The best wines for summer drinking

We've rounded up the best supermarket white, reds and sparkling rosé wines for bank holiday barbecues and beyond

Beko vs White Knight tumble dryers: which is best?

If you’re looking for a cheap tumble dryer, the two most popular brands are Beko and White Knight. But which brand should you choose? We’ve currently have 17 Beko tumble...

How green really are eco-friendly washing-up liquids?

We’ve gone behind the scenes to find out how eco-friendly washing-up liquid brands such as Fairy, Ecover and Tesco really are, as well as how well they'll clean your dishes.

Ninja Foodi: what does it do and is it worth £200?

The new Ninja multi cooker can pressure cook and air fry food. Is it the new Instant Pot? We've tried it out to bring you our first impressions

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