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Argos selling air purifier with known obsolescence

We’ve made this model a Don’t Buy, until Argos makes it easier for you to buy replacement filters. At £120, the Argos Challenge Air Purifier 792/9627 sounds like a bargain....

Co-op and Mumm named Which? Christmas 2018 champagne Best Buys

Nothing says celebration like champagne. Which? reveals the best bottles of champagne you can buy this Christmas - including a supermarket Best Buy which costs less than £20.

Apple Watch Series 4 vs Fitbit Versa vs Samsung Galaxy Watch

Apple recently revealed its new smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 4, with much fanfare. We run you through what it has to offer and how it compares to two key competitors.

Nearly 50% of problems with Garmin activity trackers involve broken straps

You expect your fitness watch or activity tracker to be built to last, robust, powerful and ready for action. But both Garmin and Fitbit wearable straps are prone to breaking. Find out how to prevent your strap breaking and what to do if it does.

Are cheap dehumidifiers worth buying?

Got signs of damp? Don't just panic and buy the first dehumidifier you can get your hands on: you could end up spending more than you need, or skimping at a time when you need to pay more. Find out whether a cheap dehumidifier will help you bid farewell to high humidity.

Reviewed: Feature-packed wearables great for sports

A smartwatch or fitness watch can be an invaluable aid to getting fit and healthy. Find out what the Apple Watch 4 can offer compared to the wearables from Fossil, Garmin, Huami and Suunto that went through our latest round of testing.

Samsung Galaxy Watch review: do its battery life claims stand up?

Smartwatches are capable of many awesome things, but short battery life is often their downfall. Could the Samsung Galaxy Watch - with its battery life of seven days - be the answer to our prayers?

Changes to electric and hybrid car grant means owners will pay more

For the past seven years, the plug-in car grant (PICG) has meant that over 160,000 new ultra-low emissions vehicles have been discounted. Now, electric and plug-in hybrid car costs are set to rise by thousands of pounds.

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Best compact appliances for small kitchens

We round up the best small kitchen gadgets, from dishwashers to blenders, to maximise your living space. Discover the appliances that give you more capacity for your money, and the gadgets with a tiny worktop footprint.

Why are some fitness trackers so inaccurate?

A recent study by the University of British Columbia concluded that Fitbits and other fitness trackers are often highly inaccurate. That’s no surprise to Which?: our tests have exposed devices that leave you with no clear idea of how much activity you’ve done - whether that's steps taken or calories burned.

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