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Breville HeatSoft first look: the hand mixer that softens butter for you

The Breville HeatSoft VFM021 hand mixer can warm ingredients as you mix, so you don't need to spend time pre-softening butter before baking a batch of cookies. Find out what we thought of it when we tried it out at home – is it really worth £70?

Can this £10 Argos steam iron rival a £90 Philips Azur iron?

We compare budget steam irons from cheap brands such as Argos with expensive models from brands such as Philips to see if they're really worth the money

Can cheap microwaves from Argos and Russell Hobbs rival Panasonic?

We reveal how cheaper and own-brand microwaves measure up to the big brands. We've found some brilliant budget models, but there are some drawbacks when you pay less

Should you buy this £4 Ikea ironing board?

Ever inwardly groaned at the thought of having to wrestle with your heavy, unwieldy ironing board? Then this mini £4 Ikea ironing board (aka JÄLL) may be the solution for...

12 essential microwave tips that will save you from mealtime disasters

Want to know the best way to reheat your leftovers? Follow these simple rules for perfect microwaving, from how to arrange your food to which container to use.

Tefal IXEO QT1020 – the first iron and garment steamer in one

Tefal have launched the IXEO QT1020 - the world's first garment steamer and steam iron in one. We try it out to see if it makes it easier than ever to keep clothes smart and fresh.

JML Aero 360 Pro – does this inflatable device mean the end of ironing?

Find out whether this inflatable Aero 360 drying and ironing machine can smooth creases with the push of a button, or if it's more a hassle than a hero.

Tefal Cake Factory: can this baking machine make perfect cakes?

The Tefal Cake Factory KD801840 is designed to make baking easy. It uses auto programs to take the guesswork out of hundreds of baking recipes. But how does it compare to oven baking?

Make 2019 the year you buy an iron that lasts

Find out which irons will get your clothes crisp for years to come and which will need replacing sooner than you think

Best microwaves to help feed a crowd at Christmas

Is your oven too small for the Christmas dinner? We look at the microwaves that will come to the rescue, no matter what size your kitchen

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