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Has your Sonos speaker stopped working with an old Apple or Android device?

If you’ve ever been in the market for a sound bar or wireless speaker, it’s likely that you’ll have come across or even purchased a product by Sonos – a brand...

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Common hearing aid problems and what to do about them

We look at some common issues people have with hearing aids and how to tackle them and get used to hearing aids.

Last-minute wedding gift ideas: best options for every budget

Need a wedding present in a hurry and lacking inspiration? We've selected some great and original options for every budget.

Vax, Bissell or Rug Doctor: which carpet cleaner is best?

Which brand makes the best carpet cleaners? Our new carpet cleaner reviews reveal one model that leaves carpets much brighter and cleaner than rivals - and the ones that fail to lift dirt and muck.

Can you rely on an LG sound bar?

LG’s sound bars don’t tend to do that well in our tests, although it does get it right sometimes: its top-scoring model is currently our cheapest Best Buy. But our...

Revealed: the surprising secret to making perfect chips in your air fryer

Which? air fryer tests reveal that many air fryers cook less well if you follow the instructions to the letter. A simple change will improve the quality of your chips dramatically.

We’ve just found our latest Best Buy Dolby Atmos sound bar

The best sound bar in our latest tests has Dolby Atmos, designed to create powerful virtual surround sound. But our experts have also uncovered a Don’t Buy with the potential...

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Food recall: Cadbury cheesecake desserts by Müller removed from stores over listeria fears

Müller has recalled Cadbury's cheesecake desserts from supermarkets over fears that they could be contaminated by listeria. We'll advise you on your consumer rights, including what to do if you have bought or eaten an affected product.

Do hi-tech sound bar features mask poor audio quality?

The main reason for getting a sound bar is to take your home entertainment experience to the next level with sound that your TV speakers can’t beat. With scores of...

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Dyson Lightcycle: are light bulbs on the way out?

Dyson's smart lamp is claimed to last for 60 years, and automatically adjusts output for the time of day, your age and for different tasks. Does is spell the beginning of the end for the humble light bulb?

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