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Can the Bosch Unlimited cordless vacuum take on Dyson?

Bosch has launched a new cordless vacuum cleaner aimed at challenging Dyson. It has a similar stick-style design and potentially unlimited battery life. Get our expert insight into how it measures up.

Can the Philips SpeedPro Max cordless vacuum challenge Dyson?

Which? takes a first look at the new Philips SpeedPro Max Animal cordless vacuum cleaner, the latest challenger to Dyson's popular range. Can this feature-packed cordless vacuum impress in our tryout?

Best quiet vacuum cleaners for 2018 revealed

The latest Which? vacuum cleaner tests include quiet models from Miele and AEG, plus the last ever Dyson corded vacuums to be launched. Find out which ones are worth buying, and the poor vacuums to avoid.

Noisy vacuum cleaners flout EU rules

Which? tests reveal the vacuum cleaners that exceed the 80dB noise limit introduced in September 2017 - and non-compliant older models that are still on sale six months after the ban

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Dyson V10 cordless vacuum: is it the best yet?

Dyson says its new Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum cleaner is the best yet, and is so good you'll never need a corded vacuum again. Get our first look verdict and see the Dyson V10 in action in our video.

James Dyson electric car

Dyson to stop making corded vacuum cleaners

James Dyson has announced that he plans to stop developing upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners, as he believes that the new V10 cordless vacuum is so good that it makes corded vacuums unnecessary. We bring you the details on Dyson's announcement, which models will stick around, and how corded and cordless vacuums compare.

Cheap vacuum cleaners put to the test

We've put the latest vacuum cleaners to the test, including several cheap models costing around £50. Can a cheap vacuum cleaner do the trick? We've found one bargain worth buying, and several you'll want to avoid.

Gtech Pro bagged vacuum

Gtech launches first bagged cordless stick vacuum

Gtech has launched a new cordless vacuum to replace the Air Ram. The Gtech Pro is the first stick-style bagged cordless vacuum we've seen. How does it measure up to rivals like Dyson? Get our first impressions here.

If you need a new boiler these regulation changes will affect you

Any new boiler installation in England will need to adhere to an updated set of regulations from April 2018. These regulations demand a higher set of energy efficiency measures on...

Best LEDs to brighten up dark winter days

Which? tests uncover 8 Best Buy LED bulbs and spotlights. Find out which bright, energy-saving LED bulbs will light up your home and save you money.

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