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Gtech Pro bagged vacuum

Gtech launches first bagged cordless stick vacuum

Gtech has launched a new cordless vacuum to replace the Air Ram. The Gtech Pro is the first stick-style bagged cordless vacuum we've seen. How does it measure up to rivals like Dyson? Get our first impressions here.

If you need a new boiler these regulation changes will affect you

Any new boiler installation in England will need to adhere to an updated set of regulations from April 2018. These regulations demand a higher set of energy efficiency measures on...

Best LEDs to brighten up dark winter days

Which? tests uncover 8 Best Buy LED bulbs and spotlights. Find out which bright, energy-saving LED bulbs will light up your home and save you money.

Best new vacuum cleaners revealed

Get our independent verdict on the latest vacuum cleaners. We've found three brilliant vacuums, and three horrors to avoid. Plus, full results for the new Dyson Light Ball and Shark Cordless DuoClean unveiled.

Dyson Black Friday deals: are they any good?

Which? take a look at Dyson's Black Friday deals and reveal whether they really are bargains, or if you can wait until after Black Friday for a better offer.

Don’t overpay for a Dyson cordless vacuum

Prices on some Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners have been fluctuating by hundreds of pounds. Use our advice to avoid being caught out and get the best price.

Bagless vacuum cleaners allergy claims

Bagless vacuum cleaners don’t live up to allergy claims

Which? tests reveal that bagless vacuum cleaners with hygienic dust emptying claims are no better than standard models - and much worse than bagged vacuums.

Are vacuum cleaners as good as they used to be?

We've put a 60 year old Hoover, one of our first ever Best Buys, to the test against a newer model. Find out which one came out on top, and the surprising differences between them.

How much does it really cost to fix your boiler?

To help protect you from being overcharged the next time your boiler breaks down, we asked 219 Which? Trusted Traders how much they would charge for parts and labour to...

Has the EU ban made vacuum cleaners worse?

Which? reveals the results from our first test of vacuum cleaners since the September 2017 EU ban on models over 900W. Get the lowdown on the best and worst vacuums to buy.

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