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Which? tests reveal two Don’t Buy wireless speakers

Good battery life, excellent sound and ease of use are hallmarks of a great portable speaker. Does the Bose SoundLink Micro or Fender Newport fit the bill?

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Six new radios from £40 to £220: which do we recommend?

Is £220 too much to pay for a radio and is £40 too cheap for a Best Buy? Find out which radio topped the charts in our latest round-up of reviews.

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BMW and Kia cars put to the test: is either worth your money?

The Kia Stonic, BMW 6 Series GT and Skoda Octavia are under all under the spotlight - did any of these cars impress us enough to be a Best Buy?

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Decorate your home with augmented reality

We've picked five free apps that showcase just how useful augmented reality is. You don't need any fancy tech just a smartphone with a functioning camera

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UK vs US prices: who’s getting the best deal?

Do we really pay loads more for tech than customers in the US? We look at the markup on popular devices, including the Macbook Pro, Galaxy S8 and more.

Broadband providers to offer automatic compensation to customers

Experienced loss of service or delayed repairs for your landline and broadband service? You'll soon be entitled to automatic compensation.

Ikea Tradfri smart bulbs can now be controlled from your iPhone

Several months later than initially planned, Ikea has rolled out an update that lets you use Tradfri bulbs with Apple HomeKit and iPhones. Was it worth the wait?

The cheapest way to repair an iPhone X

Do you really need to get your iPhone X insured? We look at the cost of screen repairs to find the cheapest way to protect your £999 iPhone.

Three new SUVs under the spotlight: which car is best?

Will the Hyundai Kona, Citroen C3 Aircross or Vauxhall Grandland X be the best new SUV on the market? We've driven them all to give our expert opinion.

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O2 Flex offers adjustable data – how does it work?

O2 Flex lets you adjust your tariff every month to get more or less data. The catch is you need an expensive handset to take advantage. Is O2 Flex worth it?

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