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‘Repaired’ Whirlpool tumble dryers catch fire, produce smoke and smell of burning

Which? is calling on the government to urgently publish the results of a report into Whirlpool’s fire-risk tumble dryers – as fresh concerns emerge over the company’s fix programme and...

Black Friday: how much do you need to pay for a good washing machine?

Go online to buy a washing machine this Black Friday, and you’ll find many costing little more than £150. But Which? research shows that you’ll need to pay more than...

Is it worth splashing out for a new Miele washing machine?

With a clutch of new and tech-filled smart Miele washing machines being launched, we give you our first impression. plus our expert reviews of brand new and cheaper Miele washing machines.

Dangerous smoke alarms fail to sound in Which? tests

Smoke alarms bought for just £1 from Ebay have repeatedly failed to detect smoke in recent Which? tests. The alarms failed to sound in more than 80% of the fire...

Bosch vs Beko washing machine: which is best?

Bosch and Beko are two of the most popular washing machine brands, with around one-in-three machines in UK homes coming from the two brands. But they’re very different when it...

The lethal carbon monoxide alarms we found on Amazon and Ebay

Carbon monoxide alarms bought from Amazon and Ebay have repeatedly failed to detect the killer gas in recent Which? lab tests and would be potentially lethal in your home if...

Five tumble dryer shopping hacks to get you a better deal this weekend

If you’re looking to buy a tumble dryer this bank holiday weekend, don’t miss out out these five useful in-shop checks to determine whether the dryer you like will be...

Which? and Watchdog find failings in Whirlpool’s fire-risk tumble dryer fix

Whirlpool tumble dryers are still posing a fire risk two-and-a-half years after the manufacturer admitted that 5.3 million of its machines were affected.

Which tumble dryer is best for a flat?

Discover why a condenser tumble dryer or a heat pump would be your best bet, and which models from our latest reviews might suit you

Once-a-day sun cream: why you should think twice before you buy it

Shopping for the sunny weekend? Watch out for the products that might not protect you as much as you think

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