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Intel Meltdown processor security flaw – what you need to know

Computer processor giant Intel has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, as it was revealed this week that a serious security flaw – nicknamed Meltdown – may affect...

Tech Support Scam Agents

On the phone with the tech support scammers

Tech support scammers are a growing menace to UK consumers. A pop-up warning of a made-up virus, or a phone call from someone pretending to be Microsoft, are all it...

Yahoo hack: three billion accounts affected

The largest ever data breach has been announced, with Yahoo confirming that the details of three billion user accounts – effectively every Yahoo account ever created – have been compromised....

Wowcher MacBook Email Deal

Why you shouldn’t buy Wowcher’s £179 MacBook

Eye-catching bargains and discounts hit your inbox all the time, but it pays to double-check what you’re really getting. This week, we’ve spotted a Wowcher email promo for a cut-price...

Vast data leak affects 700m email addresses

Over 700 million compromised email addresses have been listed online. We explain what's happened and how to find out if your own address has been affected.

Petya ransomware attack warning

Warning over Petya ransomware virus attack

Hot on the heels of the WannaCry ransomware attack that devastated NHS computers last month, security experts are now warning of a new cyber threat to global computers, called Petya....

Microsoft Scam Support follows WannaCry Ransomware attack

Tech support scams follow WannaCry ransomware

Less than a fortnight after the ransomware virus known as WannaCry devastated NHS computers, tricksters posing as Microsoft are attempting to scam victims with phony ‘technical support’. ActionFraud, the UK police’s fraud...

NHS ransomware attack – what you need to know

The computer servers of the NHS have been left devastated by a ransomware virus attack that has swept across nearly 100 countries. We explain what you need to know about...

Ebay passwords need changing after cyberattack

Ebay users have been warned to update their password details following a security hack of ebay's database.

Six new Best Buy Laptops revealed

Six new Best Buy laptops revealed in the latest Which? test. We've tested popular brands such as Apple, HP, Sony and Toshiba. Find out which brand is top.

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