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Three food waste facts everyone needs to know

Food waste is a major problem in the UK. We throw away 10.2 million tonnes of food each year and the majority of this comes from UK households. We need to get better at not wasting food and recycling our food waste when we have it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Which? disagrees that fears around chlorinated chicken are ‘unfounded’

Which? is concerned that a trade deal with the US could mean chlorinated chicken will be sold in the UK after Brexit. We think this practice means lower hygiene standards that put consumers at risk. Find out what Brexit means for food safety.

Revealed: vitamin supplements that don’t contain what they say

People waste millions of pounds a year on unnecessary supplements. Our research found vitamin supplements that don't contain what's listed on the label and others making exaggerated and unfounded claims about their benefits.

The salt in medicines that could jeopardise your heart health

Consuming too much salt puts us at risk of high blood pressure, the silent killer, which increases risk of heart disease and stroke. Find out which medicines and food are contributing to your consumption and how to make easy swaps to eat less salt.

USA sets out wish list for post-Brexit food trade deal

Industry and lobby groups in the US are campaigning the US government for their wish list of demands for a post-Brexit UK-US trade deal which would see the food standards we currently have diminished and currently banned foods being allowed in the UK.

What’s in your chicken stock?

What's the best stock to use for your Christmas dinner gravy and are stock pots better than the humble stock cube?

The facts about fake reviews

Have you been basing a buying purchase on fake customer reviews? Which? investigators reveal tricks that sellers use to mislead online shoppers

Why do the prices of sourdough loaves vary so much?

Why does a sourdough loaf cost £3-4 in a bakery but half as much at the supermarket? Our research shows they’re not necessarily the same thing. Traditional sourdough contains only four ingredients: flour, water, salt and what’s known as a starter culture. Find out what we spotted in some supermarket loaves.

Revealed: the vanilla ice creams with no fresh cream, milk or vanilla

We found vanilla ice-creams that contain no ice, no vanilla and no fresh milk but instead are a mix of dried milk powder, vegetable oils and flavourings

The low fat sausages with three times as much fat as advertised

We tested 86 packets of low-fat and reduced-fat sausages between January and July to see if their fat content matched what was claimed on the label. In many cases it...

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