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Best batteries for fairy lights

Keep your battery operated fairy lights bright this Christmas with Best Buy batteries. We've tested over 50 batteries, including Duracell, Energizer and Varta.

Can you wash up in cold water? Washing-up myths busted

Which? washing-up liquid tests reveal the best washing-up liquids - from Fairy, Persil, Ecover, Tesco and more – and solves washing-up myths.

Buy the best batteries and save money

Which? reveals the best disposable batteries in our new tougher tests - including Duracell, Energizer, Varta – plus how to spot a battery bargain.

Are you paying too much for energy?

Millions are on costly energy tariffs when they could be paying less. See our five ways to save on your energy bills and switch to a cheaper energy deal

Best washing powders for blood stains

Banish blood stains with a Which? Best Buy washing powder. Which? tough laundry detergent tests reveal the best washing powders for removing blood stains.

New Best Buy rechargeable battery uncovered by Which? tests

A new top-scoring AA rechargeable battery revealed by Which? tests; but what is it?

What winds up UK shoppers?

Which? reveals UK shoppers' biggest irritations when shopping in-store, plus the 100 best and words shops, including John Lewis, Debenhams, M&S and Apple.

Best washing powders for pristine school uniform

Washing powder and detergent tested from Persil, Ariel, Surf and Daz plus supermarket own-brands to find the best on everyday stains, and keeping whites bright.

New Best Buy washing-up liquids revealed

Washing-up liquids from Fairy, Persil, Ecover and own-brands tested, including money-saving Best Buys. Which? reveals the best grease-busters.

Ikea to sell only LED light bulbs

Ikea will sell only LED light bulbs by September 2015. Find the best light bulbs from our independent tests of LEDs, halogens and other energy saving bulbs.

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