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Child safety at home

The best baby monitors to take on holiday

We reveal the best audio and video baby monitors to take on holiday with your baby, and the baby monitor features that make it easier to look after your little one while travelling.

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Dangerous slime boron

Children’s toy slime on sale with up to four times EU safety limit of potentially unsafe chemical

Which? is warning parents to approach children’s slime with caution after tests found some contain levels of boron more than four times the safety limits permitted by EU standards. Exposure...

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New baby monitor reviews reveal stark contrast between best and worst

We’ve tested a wide range of video and audio baby monitors from BT, VTech, Luvion, Summer Infant and BabyMoov. Find out which ones impressed and get the best for your budget.

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cough syrup recall

Child cough syrups recalled due to potential mould problem

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a precautionary recall for eight own-brand cough syrups. A problem has been identified with one of the ingredients that could...

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Seven crazy baby accessories you just don’t need

From pram charms to nappy monitors, we've rounded up the seven craziest baby accessories we've come across in the course of our research.

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Plum trampoline 8 foot Aldi

Is the Aldi Special Buy Plum trampoline any good?

Are you tempted by the Plum trampoline being sold as an Aldi special buy for £67.99 this week? Plum is one of the most popular trampoline brands available. The company...

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baby child sun cream

One in five parents forget to apply sun cream to kids in UK sunshine

One in five parents don't always remember to apply sun cream at home and one in 10 simply don’t apply any sun cream to their child when they're in the UK.

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Nurofen launches digital thermometer

Nurofen has branched out from medicines into products designed to help with pain with the launch of its first ever digital thermometer: FeverSmart. It will cost you £85. Find out what we think of it.

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head lice

Fire hazard with popular head lice lotions

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority, which polices the safety of medical products, has issued a warning to be careful when using certain head lice lotions. Anyone treated with...

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scarlet fever boy temperature

Scarlet fever: find out where it’s hit near you

Reported scarlet fever cases have hit their highest level since the 1960s. Find out where it's hit hardest, symptoms and what to do if you or a family member gets struck down.

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