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Bathroom & personal care

Does ‘drinkable sunscreen’ work?

Which? reveals that the ‘world’s first drinkable sunscreen’ is 100% water. Its maker, Harmonized H2O, claims the product works thanks to ‘vibrational waves’.

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Could a sun exposure bracelet protect your skin?

The June bracelet and app are designed to measure your sun exposure. Which? Best Buy sun cream reviews will also protect you and keep you from burning.

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Three big brand sun creams fail Which? SPF tests

The latest research from Which? has uncovered sun creams from three popular brands which failed to offer the level of protection claimed on the bottle.

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Which? tries new King of Shaves Hyperglide razor

Which? tried the new King of Shaves Hyperglide razor - it claims you can just add water for a brilliant shave. So can you throw away your shaving foam?

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Is physical activity as good as pills?

Which? investigates whether exercise is as effective as medicine, and the physical activity benefits for life expectancy and burning calories

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Five surprising facts about health treatments

Our experts examine the evidence including screening for dementia, bowel cancer and prostate cancer, and chiropractic, acupuncture and dental scale and polish.

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New ‘smart’ electric toothbrush launched

Technology company Kolibree has launched a new 'smart electronic toothbrush' that allows you to analyse and monitor your toothbrushing habits via a mobile app.

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