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How big a deposit do you need to buy a home where you live?

We reveal how big a deposit you'll need to buy in different UK regions, and the best ways to save up for a deposit, no matter where you live.

Five million choosing not to get married: why writing a will needs to be a priority

Unmarried couples need to write a will even more than married folk. Which? takes a look at what to include and what to avoid.

Woodford investors see first payout, but how much will they get back?

We explain how much investors in the Equity Income Fund stand to lose, the possibility of further payouts and consequences for all investors.

How to pay off your overdraft before April’s rate changes

Which? explains how new FCA rules could affect the cost of your arranged overdraft, and offers advice on how to settle your overdraft before rates change in April.

2018-19 tax return deadline: last-minute tips to file by midnight

Which? provides useful tips to file your tax return by midnight and avoid paying a penalty.

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Top tips to help your child get affordable car insurance

Which?'s advice for cutting your child's car insurance premiums, from black box insurance to haggling.

What will Brexit mean for interest rates?

As Brexit looms ahead, the Bank of England faces pressure to cut the base rate. So how could Brexit affect your mortgage and savings interest rates?

Lloyds Banking Group bank branch closures: is your local bank closing in 2020?

We list the Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches that will close, explain why local banking is under threat and our campaign to protect it.

UK and European flag together

Brexit: what the transition period means for your holidays, money, bills and more

Which? explains what the UK leaving the EU and entering the transition period means for yourholidays, money, bills and consumer rights

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Revealed: the bank accounts thousands are switching to

Which? reveals which banks and building societies most people are switching to, and the ones they're leaving.

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