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Pensions & retirement

Inflation set to hit pensioners especially hard

Retirees will be particularly hard by soaring inflation in coming years, new research from Which? Money has revealed. We’ve looked beyond the headline rates of inflation to identify the particular...

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Pension cold calls to be banned in bid to beat scammers

Pensions-related cold calls, emails and text messages are to be banned as part of tough new measures aimed at protecting people’s savings from scammers, who have stolen more than £40m...

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Exclusive: grieving relatives paying for care weeks after death

Which? Money research has found that care homes are demanding payment for up to four weeks after a resident has died, leaving grieving relatives facing a hefty bill for care...

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Private pensions give £10,000-a-year boost in retirement: five ways to maximise yours

People who have saved into a private pension are better off to the tune of £10,000 a year on average, according to a new study carried out by the Office for...

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HMRC repays £26m in overpaid pension tax: how to claim it back

Over 55s who overpaid income tax when they withdrew money from their pension savings have been refunded more than £26m in just the past three months, new figures from HMRC...

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State pension age to hit 68 by 2039

The government has announced that people will have to wait until they are 68 to qualify for the state pension from 2037. Under the proposed new timetable, the state pension...

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Why taking money from your pension could hit you with extra tax

The amount you can save into a pension once you’ve started taking money from is being slashed to just £4,000 a year, in a move that could cost savers £3,600 in lost tax relief. Normally...

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Five pension freedom problems that could be costing you money in retirement

Retirees could be overpaying tax, missing out on investment growth or losing other valuable pension benefits by taking all of their money out of their pension and moving it to...

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Ask an expert: ‘Why am I missing state pension qualifying years even though I claimed child benefit?’

Every week, our money experts answer your financial queries. You can submit your questions to money-letters@which.co.uk, or via our Facebook or Twitter pages. Q. My wife recently checked her National Insurance...

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Women expect to be £6,000 worse off than men in retirement: how to boost your income

New figures published today show a £6,000 gap in the annual income expected by women in retirement compared to men.  Insurance company Prudential found women expect to retire on an annual...

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