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Finance industry to help communities trial ways to boost access to cash

The financial services industry will fund pilot schemes to end 'cash deserts', but we believe more is needed to prevent the cash system collapsing.

ATM changes save banks £120m, but cost customers £104m

The closing of thousands of free ATMs and bank branches have saved banks money, at huge cost to normal people. Find out more about Which?'s campaign to protect your freedom to pay.

Lloyds Banking Group bank branch closures: is your local bank closing in 2020?

We list the Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches that will close, explain why local banking is under threat and our campaign to protect it.

Bank and ATM closures: what the UK can learn from Sweden

Sweden has a reputation for being among the most enlightened of nations. Studies regularly put the Swedes ahead of us in terms of personal wealth, educational attainment and technological advancement....

TSB bank branch closures: is your local closing next year?

Which? Money reveals the locations of the 82 TSB branches that will close next year. Is yours on the list?

Bank branch closures risk leaving millions of people behind

Millions of people could be at risk of struggling with everyday banking tasks as simple as checking their bank balance according to new Which? research.

Exclusive: hundreds of ‘ATM deserts’ identified in the UK

More than 250 parts of the UK have just one or no ATMs at all, exclusive new research by Which? Money has found.  Find out what you can do to reverse this trend.

‘Request an ATM’ tool launches for areas hit by cash machine closures

Link has launched a tool to allow communities to request an ATM, following years of bank branch and cash machine closures. But will it be enough to save cash access in the UK?

Communities hit by cash machine closures can now request a free ATM

As cash machines become scarcer on UK high streets, Brits have been invited to suggest new sites for ATMs in their local communities.

Revealed: a third of bank branches closed in less than five years

During the last four and a half years, a third of UK bank branches have closed. Find out where branches are closing and which banks have shutting the most.

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