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Millions of old paper £5 and £10 notes still in circulation – how to cash them in

The Bank of England has revealed almost 250m paper £5 and £10 notes haven’t been returned since they stopped being legal tender. So how can you use them?

Could this rare £5 note be worth £50,000?

Four banknotes engraved with Harry Kane's face have been released into circulation - and the lucky person who finds one could be in for a windfall.

With the future of 1p and 2p coins under scrutiny, is your small change worth a fortune?

While the government consults on a proposal to scrap little-used currency, Which? looks at the rarest 1p and 2p coins and most valuable £50 banknotes.

Less than four months to spend paper £10 notes

Paper-based £10 notes will be withdrawn on 1 March, to be replaced by the polymer design featuring Jane Austen which was launched earlier this year.

New Jane Austen £10 note released today – could yours be worth thousands?

If you go to the ATM today, you may find yourself with a new polymer £10 note, featuring beloved author Jane Austen. With any new banknote design, certain notes are...

£5 note sells for £16,800: how to spot a valuable note

Your wallet could be holding a fortune, with a rare £5 note selling at auction in May for £16,800. But how can you spot a valuable banknote – and what...

New Jane Austen £10 note unveiled

New Jane Austen £10 note unveiled with the new note to be most secure yet

New plastic Scottish £10 note featuring Sir Walter Scott revealed

The design of the new polymer Scottish £10 note has been unveiled by the Bank of Scotland. The note, due to come into circulation this Autumn, will feature the same...

The end of the fiver: what to do with your old £5 notes

Time is running out to spend your old £5 notes. From 5 May, the cotton notes will be withdrawn and you’ll only be able to use new plastic fivers in...

One month left to spend your old £5 notes

You have just 25 days to spend your old £5 notes as, from 5 May, shops will stop accepting the cotton-made cash to pay for goods or services. The old...

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