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Why you should be using rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries can be used over and over again – in fact, in our testing, we put our rechargeables under high-drain conditions to see just how long they’ll last before...

Parents warned about the dangers of button batteries after child dies

We are calling for parents and families to be vigilant to the dangers of button batteries to children this Christmas. Button batteries found in toys, car key fobs and digital scales can cause potentially significant injuries if swallowed, and can even cause death.

The batteries you need this Christmas

Our latest tests reveal which are the best AA and AAA batteries to buy this Christmas, from powering your kids' toys to fairy lights and remote controls.

What’s new in Which? magazine: August 2018

Which? magazine is the UK’s bestselling monthly, trusted by more than 600,000 subscribers. Packed with advice, reviews, investigations and news, our aim is to to make individuals as powerful as the...

Best bargain rechargeable batteries

Which? uncovers six new Best Buys in our latest test of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, but we also found the worst battery we’ve seen in years.

Solar panels and energy storage: the next big thing?

Should you invest in solar panels and energy storage? Tesla, Ikea, Nissan, EDF Energy and Eon products compared, plus tips for home battery buying.

Bargain Best Buy rechargeable battery uncovered

Cheap rechargeable batteries can be among the best. Find out how rechargeable batteries from Ikea fare against the likes of Duracell in our tests.

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