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New temporary car insurance ‘Jaunt’ launches: is it worth buying?

Jaunt has now joined the short-term car insurance market. Find out how it works and whether temporary car insurance is worth buying.

Insurer turned down your claim? Here’s why you should complain to the ombudsman

As many as one in three complaints about insurers are being upheld by the Financial Ombudsman Service. Which? explains how to complain about your insurer.

Car insurance premiums jump by a third in three years

Find out why government policy changes have added £7.8bn added to to the cost of car insurance for drivers across the UK.

Dash cams are helping drivers save money in insurance claims

One thing that every car owner fears is the pain of paying a hefty insurance bill. Insurance claims are hardly a blissful experience but some savvy drivers have managed to...

Does checking your phone while behind the wheel invalidate your car insurance?

A quarter of millennials admit to checking their social media feed while driving. Which? reveals whether car insurance will cover them if they're caught.

Where is car insurance cheapest (and most expensive)?

New data reveals the areas where drivers pay the most - and least - for car insurance. Find out whether you're paying over the odds and how to find cheap cover.

Revealed: the best and worst insurers for handling claims

Exclusive Which? research has found the insurers that were rated best - and worst - for handling claims. Find out how your insurer was ranked.

Car insurance premiums plummet: how much can you save?

Find out why the cost of car insurance is going down and how to find cheap car insurance that gives you the right level fo cover.

Drivers with low mileage charged more for car insurance

Motorists who drive shorter distances may actually be paying more for car insurance than those who rack up the miles, according to new research. People who drive between 5,000 and...

Pet insurance versus car insurance: which policy will cost you more?

Insuring your pet could be more costly than insuring your vehicle, according to figures from the AA. Here's how to find good-value pet cover.

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