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The best short-term savings rates: should you lock your cash away for three months?

As short-term savings accounts with terms of 12 months or less see a boost, find out whether locking your savings up for a matter of months could help them grow

CPI inflation rises to 1.9% in February – but it’s still good news for your savings

Find out about the best savings accounts and cash Isas that can beat the current rate of inflation

Revealed: how to play the tax-free Isa rules to your advantage

You have just two weeks to use your Isa allowance for the 2018-19 tax year. Discover our five tips for benefiting from the cash Isa rules.

Revealed: the best cash Isa rates for using up your 2018-19 allowance

There's just over a month to use up your Isa allowance for the 2018-19 tax year - these are the best rate cash Isa accounts on the market

Best savings rates on the rise: 375 accounts now beat inflation

We've identified hundreds of fixed-rate savings accounts, cash Isas, regular savers, Junior Isas - and many more - that beat the 1.8% CPI rate of inflation

New best savings rate launches: are instant access accounts looking up?

Where to find the best savings accounts and top-rate cash Isas to grow your money, plus the tricky terms you need to watch out for.

Exclusive: savers still worse off than two years ago

Interest rates on savings accounts are still worse than they were two years ago despite the Bank of England base rate being higher. How does your bank fare?

Cash Isa rates and short-term savings accounts hit record high

We reveal where to find the top-rate instant-access and one-year fixed-rate savings accounts and cash Isas - but are they better bet than a longer-term account?

Savings accounts: the tricky terms that could cut your rate or lock up your cash

Just because an account promises instant access, doesn't mean you can get hold of your money whenever you like. Here are some restrictions to watch out for

Average Isa now worth over £20,000: how do your savings measure up?

The nation's Isa saving habits have been revealed by new HMRC data - but how does your balance compare to those who are the same age or on the same salary?

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