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Parents play the blame game when it comes to head lice and nits

We surveyed 2,155 parents with a child under 12 years who had used a lice treatment and asked them whether their child had caught head lice twice within the space of three weeks. More than a third (35%) said they had and seven in 10 of those parents believe it could be because their child is being reinfected by their classmates.

Hand, foot and mouth disease

Parents warned to look out for hand, foot and mouth disease

Cases of the viral infection hand, foot and mouth disease have risen in the last month with outbreaks in Somerset, Gloucester and Manchester. Discover how to spot and treat it.

Nurofen launches digital thermometer

Nurofen has branched out from medicines into products designed to help with pain with the launch of its first ever digital thermometer: FeverSmart. It will cost you £85. Find out what we think of it.

head lice

Fire hazard with popular head lice lotions

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority, which polices the safety of medical products, has issued a warning to be careful when using certain head lice lotions. Anyone treated with...

scarlet fever boy temperature

Scarlet fever: find out where it’s hit near you

Reported scarlet fever cases have hit their highest level since the 1960s. Find out where it's hit hardest, symptoms and what to do if you or a family member gets struck down.

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