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Two thirds of people find credit score errors after bank IT failures

An alarming number of people found mistakes on their credit history following a bank IT outage. We explain how to check your credit report and correct errors.

New loan grows cheaper as your credit score improves: is it worth using?

LiveLend is offering a unique personal loan that rewards customers with a lower rate if their credit score improves over the term of the deal. Is it worth going for?

Bad credit mortgages: what are my options if I have a poor credit history?

We explain the marks on your credit history that may mean you'll have to get a bad credit mortgage, plus give an outline of the providers who may consider your application and how to improve your credit score

Credit scoring: are you in the dark?

Credit reference agencies collect data on and rate every adult in the UK. Reena Sewraz investigates a system we can’t opt out of but has the power to make or break lives.

‘A scam on top of a scam?’: Equifax letters spark concern among victims

UK victims of May’s Equifax data breach have been left confused and panicked by a letter from the firm which says their personal information has been compromised – but doesn’t...

Could paying rent on time help you get a mortgage?

Which? looks at proposals to include rent payments on credit reports to make it easier for tenants to get a mortgage, as the government debates the matter.

Online tool predicts mortgage chances: are you likely to get approved?

A new tool from credit agency Experian promises to take the guesswork out of applying for a mortgage. The tool estimates your chances of getting accepted for a mortgage by...

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