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Discover what your smart home hub has recorded – and how to delete it

Are you concerned that your Amazon Echo or Google Home is always listening? Find out by seeing what it has recorded and delete what you don't want stored.

Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri: which is best for you?

Shopping for your first smart hub? To help you pick between Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, we've uncovered what they excel at.

Smart speakers to look out for in 2018

Last year was a big year for smart speaker launches and 2018 proves to be no exception, with new models from Google, Samsung, Facebook and more to come.

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Apple’s Homepod doesn’t support Android phones – what to buy instead

Apple's HomePod wireless speaker doesn't support Android phones. Here are some alternative smart speakers to choose from, including the Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) and Google Home.

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Amazon Alexa app coming to Windows PCs

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is coming to Windows PCs. You’ll be able to schedule calendar events and run web searches with your voice, but what does this mean for Microsoft’s...

Seven smart home hub commands you can’t live without

If you got a smart home hub this Christmas, we've rounded up some top commands to help you make the most of your new tech assistant.

Is the levitating Moon wireless security camera really revolutionary?

The Moon by 1-Ring is a wireless security camera and smart hub in one with a unique ability to levitate, but how revolutionary are its other features?

Google Home is out today but can it beat the Amazon Echo?

Google's smart hub, Google Home, is available in the shops from today. We look at its key features and how it compares to its main rival, the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo rival, Google Home, to launch in the UK

Smart hub Google Home is set to launch in the UK and, like the Amazon Echo with its Alexa assistant, lets you control connected devices with your voice.

Amazon Echo smart hub tested – should you buy one?

We’ve already put the Amazon Echo through our wireless speaker test to find out how good it sounds and now we’ve tested how good it is at controlling a smart...

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