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Top five cheapest energy deals for January 2019

With the energy price cap now in place, Which? reveals that you could still save £259 per year by switching gas and electricity supplier. See the five cheapest energy and find out why some green energy suppliers won’t be cutting prices.

A woman monitoring her energy usage on a tablet

How to get your home in shape this January

A five-step plan to keep your home healthy in 2019, from warming up and trimming energy use, to working out causes of damp and boiler problems.

Cheap energy deals vanish as the price cap comes in

The default energy price cap comes into force on 1st January 2019, but many consumers aren’t clear about what it means for their gas and electricity bills. Plus Which? research found that the number of cheap energy deals is dropping.

Top five cheapest energy deals for December

Eon is offering one of the cheapest deals this month, alongside Octopus Energy and smaller suppliers. Find out if you could save £378 per year on energy bills, plus which cheap gas and electricity firms have gone bust in 2018.

Smart meter roll-out: late and costly, official report finds

The smart meter roll-out is late, its costs are rising and the costs of installing smart meters are 50% higher than the government predicted, a new National Audit Office report reveals. Find out if smart meters are worth it.

Will your energy bill rise this winter?

Energy wholesale prices are rising and many gas and electricity firms have increased prices already in 2018. Will your energy bill rise again this winter and, if it does, what are you paying for and how do companies set their prices?

Energy price cap will begin in January 2019

The energy price cap will come into force on 1 January 2019, affecting 11 million households. Find out how much customers on default gas and electricity tariffs will save. Plus why energy customers would be better off switching supplier.

Top five cheapest energy deals for November

Wholesale energy prices are still rising. You need to know the cheapest gas and electricity deals for winter 2018 to make sure you’re not overpaying for energy. Compare gas and electricity prices to switch to the best deal for you.

Energy price cap: why you can’t rely on it

The energy price cap this winter will save money on energy bills for some, but many pricey gas and electricity deals won’t be affected. Find out if the price cap will save you money and why you must still switch gas and electricity tariff.

The small energy firms with the big price rises

Many energy firms have raised their gas and electricity prices so far in 2018, adding £100s to consumers’ energy bills. We reveal the biggest energy price increases, the companies behind them and how to cut your energy bills.

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