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How much does the energy price cap cut really save you?

The energy price cap will cut customers’ gas and electricity bills by around £xx per year. But you could save closer to £400 by switching gas and electricity firm. Find out if you are protected by the energy price cap and how to save money.

Shell Energy customers owed compensation

Shell Energy customers who were on First Utility’s default or standard tariff for gas or electricity are due compensation, after they were overcharged in relation to the default tariff cap. Find out if you’re owed money for energy.

Top five cheapest energy deals for April 2019

British Gas, EDF, Eon, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE all now charge customers on their standard tariffs close to the maximum permitted by the price cap. Find out if you could save £329 per year. Compare gas and electricity prices.

SSE raises energy prices by up to £117 a year

SSE is the last of the Big Six energy firms to raise gas and electricity prices for customers, following the increase to the energy price cap. Customers will pay 10% extra per year on average, adding £117 to their energy bills.

Energy price cap one week on: three firms to raise gas and electricity prices

One week after an increase to the energy price cap was announced, EDF Energy, Eon and Npower have all announced price rises of the maximum permitted under the cap from April. Save £348 per year on gas and electricity by switching.

Energy customers could face bigger bills than before the price cap

The price cap on standard and default energy tariffs will increase by £117 per year on 1 April 2019. Customers could end up paying more for gas and electricity than they did before the price cap. Compare gas and electricity prices now.

Top five cheapest energy deals for February 2019

The top five energy deals for February 2019 are all from small firms. Switch to one and you could save up to £163 in a year beneath the price cap. Plus the cheapest gas and electricity deals for winter if you use a lot of energy.

Top five cheapest energy deals for January 2019

With the energy price cap now in place, Which? reveals that you could still save £259 per year by switching gas and electricity supplier. See the five cheapest energy and find out why some green energy suppliers won’t be cutting prices.

Council tax rises and other household bills going up in 2019

Council tax bills could rise by up to 4.99% from 2019, and there are a whole host of other household costs changing that could impact your budget.

Cheap energy deals vanish as the price cap comes in

The default energy price cap comes into force on 1st January 2019, but many consumers aren’t clear about what it means for their gas and electricity bills. Plus Which? research found that the number of cheap energy deals is dropping.

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