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The facts about fake reviews

Have you been basing a buying purchase on fake customer reviews? Which? investigators reveal tricks that sellers use to mislead online shoppers

Facebook to be slapped with £500k fine for Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook to be fined £500,000 for Cambridge Analytica scandal but could have seen a much harsher fine under GDPR

Aptamil baby milk: parents demand recall

A new formulation of Aptamil powdered baby milk formula might be making babies sick, according to parents on social media, with some calling for the powdered milk to be recalled....

People feel powerless to protect their personal data on Facebook

Facebook users are concerned about how personal data is handled but feel powerless to protect it - Which? explains your rights and how to manage data

Facebook collects data on your calls and texts

Manage what information and data you share with Facebook and learn what it knows about you.

Microsoft Scam Support follows WannaCry Ransomware attack

Watch out for online marketplace scams

Today, for World Consumer Rights Day 2018, Which? is one of more than 200 consumer associations worldwide calling for better consumer protection when shopping on an online marketplace.

Smart speakers to look out for in 2018

Last year was a big year for smart speaker launches and 2018 proves to be no exception, with new models from Google, Samsung, Facebook and more to come.

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Facebook cryptocurrency virus: what you need to know

A virus spread through Facebook Messenger can infect computers with software to mine for Bitcoin. Find out all you need to know and how to protect yourself from the latest malware threats online.

Top-five controversial Facebook features

Facebook will soon remove synced photos if you don’t install the Moments app. We look at this, and other, controversial Facebook features.

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How to stop the Android Facebook app draining your battery

If you’re desperate to extend your Android smartphone or tablet’s run time, it could be as simple as removing one little app.

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