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Three-year fixed-rate mortgages rising in number: should you get one?

Find out the best deals for three-year fixed-rate mortgages, how they compare to other terms, and what you need to bear in mind before opting for a deal

Should you get a two-year or five-year fixed-rate mortgage in 2019?

Which? offers advice on choosing between a two and five-year fixed-rate mortgage deal, including pros and cons and predictions for 2019.

Should you take out a five-year mortgage?

The cost of five-year fixed-rate mortgages rose for the first time in four months and are now, on average, at their most expensive level for almost two years, new data...

Remortgaging surges by 23%: should you switch to a fixed-rate deal?

In the lead up to August's base rate rise, home owners rushed to remortgage to fixed-rate deals. But is it still worth switching six weeks on?

Base rate hike: are fixed rate mortgages the best deal?

Which? looks at the impact of the Bank of England base rate change on the short and long term fixed-rate deals being offered by mortgage lenders.

Mortgage rates hit historic low: are you better off?

Which? investigates who benefits most from historically low interest rates in the fixed-rate mortgage market, and where you can find the best deals.

How first-time buyers can save thousands with a 90% mortgage

It’s well known that the bigger your deposit, the better the mortgage deal you’ll get. But new Which? research can reveal that striving to hand over a 10% deposit and secure a...

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