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Lost money to scammers via Western Union? How to claim your refund

Victims duped into paying fraudsters via money transfer service Western Union can now claim a refund. Which? explains how you can claim.

Young people fuelling bank account fraud as ‘money mules’

Young people could face 14 years in jail for committing bank account crime by unknowingly becoming money mules, authorities have warned.

Inside binary options – Britain’s biggest investment con

Binary options are one of the fastest growing financial products in the world, but in most cases they’re quite simply a fraud. UK investors have reported losses of more than...

Over 55s more likely to report fly-tipping than fraud

Which? looks at a new survey from the Financial Conduct Authority which suggests people approached by investment fraudsters are failing to come forward.

Revealed: how text message scammers pose as your bank to rip you off

Fraudsters are able to send ‘spoofed’ bank texts with incredible ease, a Which? Money investigation has found – with many landing in previously legitimate message threads due to a quirk...

Bank transfer fraud: why scammers want to steal your identity

Fraudsters using stolen details to open impostor bank accounts is an increasingly prevalent form of crime. In September, we reported on the tactics criminals are using to commit identity fraud...

ID theft: How bank account fraudsters may steal your identity

It could be easier than you think for fraudsters to open an ‘impostor’ bank account in your name, a Which? Money investigation has found. We ‘data swept’ volunteers and found...

Bid to stop fraudsters attacking your pension revealed

The introduction of pensions freedoms is to be probed by MPs amid fears savings are being plundered by fraudsters. An inquiry launched by Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee will scrutinise...

Find how this man fell victim to ID fraud an incredible 29 times

A former company director has warned of the dangers of identity fraud, after scammers applied for 29 financial products in his name. The East Midlands man first realised he’d fallen...

Ask an expert: ‘My building society was hacked – what should I do?’

We respond to a Which? member who was a victim of a large-scale data breach.

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