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New rules in place to end rip-off prices for telecoms customers

Now broadband, mobile phone and pay TV providers have to let you know when your minimum contract period is coming to an end - the aim is to stop you from being overcharged

Don’t ask, don’t get – how to save £120 a year on your broadband

We've found there are two key ways to reduce the amount you pay for broadband - and both could save you around £120 each year

75% of broadband customers could be at risk of overpaying

Confusion over broadband can be costly - those who don't switch provider or re-contract with their existing provider pay an extra £100 each year on their broadband deal on average.

What’s stopping you from haggling with your broadband provider?

A majority of people are successful when they give it a go, so what's holding you back from trying it?

TV and broadband customers could be overpaying £690 each year

We've found that customers with TV and broadband bundles from the big providers could be paying nearly £700 more than new customers are charged annually.

Loyal customers pay as much as 40% more for broadband

Broadband customers who stay with the same provider and don’t haggle for a better deal are being hit with loyalty penalties of up to £220 a year on average. We...

Ofcom: millions could save money on broadband and mobile contracts

The latest research from Ofcom has shown that millions of UK consumers could be overspending on broadband and mobile contracts by not negotiating or switching provider. Its latest annual report...

Ofcom announces plan to make switching mobile providers easier

Customers who wish to switch mobile phone providers will be able to do so via a free text message, following a review by telecoms industry regulator Ofcom. Ofcom says the...

Which? research reveals that loyal customers are being ripped off

Our latest research shows that customers who stay loyal to the same insurance, energy and telecoms providers are being ripped off by up to £725 a year.

These five simple tips can save you an extra £1,300 a year

Which? lists five money-saving tips that can save you more than £1,300 a year on average. We've crunched the numbers to reveal how much you can actually expect to save for each of them.

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