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A stock photo of a British Passport in a pocket. Photographed using the Canon EOS 5DSR.

Delay in reporting lost passports exposing people to identity theft

We typically wait 73 days to report a lost or stolen passport, but this is leaving us vulnerable to criminals.

Uber hid massive data breach from customers and drivers

A 2016 data breach at ride-hailing app Uber saw 57 million user records accessed, the firm has now confessed. Names, email addresses and mobile numbers were stolen from 57 million...

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Bank transfer fraud: why scammers want to steal your identity

Fraudsters using stolen details to open impostor bank accounts is an increasingly prevalent form of crime. In September, we reported on the tactics criminals are using to commit identity fraud...

ID theft: How bank account fraudsters may steal your identity

It could be easier than you think for fraudsters to open an ‘impostor’ bank account in your name, a Which? Money investigation has found. We ‘data swept’ volunteers and found...

New laws to strengthen your ‘right to be forgotten’

A ‘robust’ and ‘dynamic’ new data protection law will expand your ‘right to be forgotten’ online and have your details erased by companies, the Government has announced. Digital Minister Matt...

Under-25s’ risky online habits ‘leave them open to fraudsters’

Millennials’ ‘complacent’ attitudes to online security could be leaving them open to scams and identity theft, researchers have found. In a survey examining 18-24-year-olds’ online behaviour, 29% said they would share...

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